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      Jim Jones
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      One of the major thing frustrating users of Windows 8 is learning how to get around in the new GUI.  As we all know in Windows 8.1 some familiar aspects of Windows will be back (the Start button) but as reported yesterday at ExtremeTech Microsoft will be including a series of tutorials as well with the new OS.

      Will this help you with adoption of Win8.1 in your enterprise environments or does it matter?

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      JJ: this is a lame blog entry.  Sorry, “I call’s em as I see’s em”.

      The article you refer to is only slightly better. It mentions the “improved” learning experience in exactly 1 sentence.

      So, how can we, or anyone have a valid opinion without actually seeing either the actual tutorials, or a more in depth description of them.

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      Kyle Beckman
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      Hi “rrr sss,” (if that is your real name…).  This is actually a forum, not a blog.  The link that Jim posted was pretty much all that was available at the time it was posted. Additional information has started to trickle out and there’s a story over on Paul Thurrott’s site (http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/hands-windows-81-help-tips) that should provide the information you’re looking for.



Viewing 2 reply threads
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