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      I am building a Windows 2016 Server lab in a spare server with Hyper-V using evaluation center ISOs. I am playing around with DSC and automating my home lab building. I tried AutomatedLab and other tools but they don´t work for Spanish ISOs.

      A couple of questions:

      • Any way to stream line Latest updates in the ISO? Also, given an unattend.xml how can automate building a sysprepped virtual machine with Windows Server 2016?
      • I am thinking of building servers with the Core versions so I can keep memory usage low. I consider to install a VM with a GUI so I can manage Hyper-V and servers remotely. The problem is that this spare server can´t be online. I have downloaded Windows 10 LTSC but RSAT tools are in a separate ISO which I can´t find for this evaluation center W10 LSTC ISO. What is the best approach for offline RSAT installations? Is it better to install a Windows Server 2016 with GUI instead?



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      Leos Marek
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      Hi Miguel,

      for point 1 I would say the easiest way is to deploy a VM, install updates and required software and then run sysprep to shutdown. Then you can export/import the VM as many times you want. Also, just for test purposes, the sysprep might not be really required, if you dont mind having the same SID in the VM. This could be an issue if you would play with WSUS or similar things that are based on SID.

      For the other point, I would recommend to install RSAT on your normal PC that you use for work. Its a waste of resources to deploy separate VM just for management. You can easily manage the systems from your PC. Check my post on how to connect to Hyper-V server.

      If you need further help let me know.


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