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     Luc Fullenwarth 
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    I am just wondering if it makes sense to publish all these links
    about every release of Windows 10 Insider preview builds.
    There are so many… (List of builds) I have counted 75 :-O

    Maybe we should just focus on releases of stable builds
    and articles talking about new or deprecated features (relevant for SysOps)
    of any versions (preview and stable)…


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     Paolo Maffezzoli 
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    Good question, it is not easy to say what is interesting for the most part of 4SysOps readers. For my side it could be better read news that give the opportunity to discover new features, technologies or other helpful news in the IT world. For sure concentrate only to stable builds is more interesting.
    Reading every time that is a released a preview builds is not so interesting for every IT sysops. Or maybe not… hard to say. Other opinions could be helpful to understand.

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     Michael Pietroforte 
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    In general, I think all news that are relevant for an IT administrator to get the job done are interesting. Preview builds are useful for admins who have to test new images. Once the build is ready for prime time, the image can be deployed without much delay.

    On the hand, general IT news that are only remotely relevant for an admin’s work don’t fit well to 4sysops. We don’t focus on IT on 4sysops. It is all only about IT administration. IT is a very wide field and only fews news are useful for an admin’s work. For instance, I think if Chrome loses 0.2% market share, it will have little influence on the work of an admin.


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