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     Michael Pietroforte 
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    I have to delete quite a few news posts lately. I understand that the current point system encourages to post as many news as possible. Unfortunately, the result is that we have many posts on the homepage that are only remotely relevant for our audience. Until I have implemented a new system that rewards quality instead of quantity, I configured a new point system.

    Whenever I have to delete a post, 10 member points are deducted. Because you received 5 points for a news update, you will lose 5 points when the post has to be deleted.

    These are currently the criteria that will lead to the deletion of a post:

    • News that are not about system administration: Not all news about corporate IT are about system administration. For instance, a release of a new Surface Pro device is not about system administration.
    • Duplicate news: News that another member has already posted before. You can use the search feature if you are unsure if a news has been posted before.
    • Old news: News that are older than 7 days.
    • Posts that are not news: For instance, how-to blog posts, even if they are about system administration
    • News about products from third-party vendors: We currently can only post news from third-party vendors if they are 4sysops sponsors because otherwise this 4sysops feature would be abused for marketing. Sponsored posts are marked (posted by the user Sponsor). Of course, you can post product news from big IT infrastructure providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, VMware or Cisco.
    • News that are not in English
    • Ill-formatted posts: For instance, if only the link is displayed and the heading or the description is missing

    In your profile on the points tab, you can see if points have been deducted.

    Please note that this is only a temporary solution until the new system is ready. I hope that this won’t discourage anyone from posting news. If you have doubt whether a news meets one of the above criteria, better don’t post it. That way, you don’t risk losing points.

    I also highly recommend to only post news that you have read and where you vouch with your name for the relevance and quality.

    Please let me know what you think about the points deduction.


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     Karim Buzdar 
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    Looks fair at this moment until you find a permanent solution.

    One thing more, does it deduct 10 points if we delete news our self? Because sometimes, a news is posted twice when a submit button is clicked more than once.


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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by  Karim Buzdar.

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