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      Michael Pietroforte
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      Yesterday, I received a service alert via email from Microsoft about my Office 365 account, with this message:

      CRITICAL NOTICE: Misconfigured Mail Exchange (MX) Record used with Office 365

      Our automated system reports show that you are have an error in the mail exchange (MX) record you use with Office 365.

      We are currently able deliver e-mail to you despite this misconfiguration, but this feature will be disabled after 1 June 2014. Any misconfigured MX records will stop functioning with Office 365 after this date, and e-mails sent to your organisation will be returned to the sender.

      Take action: Please update your MX records with your hosting provider as soon as possible.

      I highlighted a typo in the message which we can take as a fist sign that the engineer who wrote this emais probably didn’t have his morning coffee yet.

      The link points to a page that informs Office 365 users about the deprecation of generic MX records and that you should now switch to a domain-specific MX record. The strange thing is that the page also informs you that you should change your MX records until July 1, 2013. This could be a typo, however, I believe the link points to the wrong page.

      When I compared the recommended MX record settings in the Office 365 admin center with my current configuration, I noticed a difference. At the moment, my MX records point to, whereas the recommended setting is Thus, I am already using a domain-specific MX record; however, it appears Microsoft wants me to change the address.

      Even more strange is that, yesterday, the connectivity test with Microsoft’s Remote Connectivity Analyzer also complained about my incorrect MX records (see screenshot), but when I tried it again today, everything appeared to be alright even though I didn’t change the configuration.

      Did anyone else get this service alert? Can you make any sense of this?

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      A couple of days a go I received a second email with this title:

      Mandatory update to MX records by January 2014

      Like the first email, it doesn’t really say what has been changed and just links to some general information about MX records. However, I have now confirmation from Microsoft (they reacted quite fast) that the settings mentioned above are correct.

      The new settings have to look like this:

      After you logged in to Office 35, you can find the correct settings for your domain in the Office 365 admin center under domain > View DNS Settings.

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