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      Let’s say I have a website ‘http://www.myoffice.com’ – this is my external website.

      Secondly, I have an internal website ‘http://www.bostonoffice.com’ – this is my internal office website.

      I want all my external users to use the website – ‘http://www.myoffice.com’

      When they type this address  it should get routed to ‘http://www.bostonoffice.com.’ What is the procedure to do this? I worked with DNS, but i don’t know the actual steps. Can anyone help me out please ?

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      Leos Marek
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      Hello Roxie,

      Im not sure to understand your question. What do you mean by your external users – anyone? And where do those externals connect from, internet?

      If you want to redirect publicly available domain (myoffice.com in your case) you would need to set this up at the hosting level. But this would most probably redirect all the traffic, so you would never actually get to myoffice.com website.

      More details would be needed to help you.

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      I think Leos is right, it is not clear what you want to do.

      If the internal site is in a private network,  you have configure your router to forward inbound traffic on the ports 80 and 443 to your private IP. Your DNS for ‘http://www.myoffice.com’  points to the router IP.

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      I guess one’d need more information.

      As I deal with web hosting, there are 2 ways:

      1. Host it on a server provided by the hosting provider
      2. Host it on your own server behind a firewall-router

      Case 1: There is just a registered public DNS record – universal for all users

      Case 2: One can create 2 DNS records- one for public and the other for internal users (although the latter is not required if you implement “hairpin NAT“).

      Case 2 is similar to Mike’s (Michael Pietroforte) suggestion above. I have an article elsewhere on that implementation.

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      You can Try to set a CNAME record in yoour internal DNS.

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