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      Eniola Delano
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      Hello Guys,

      Hows everyone doing today. My name is Eni and I am in the process of transitioning my career from working as a Project manager/Scrum Master to network security. I have no prior experience in this field but i am very much interested. I am currently doing a masters program in information assurance/cyber security and I recently passed the CompTIA Security+ certification and currently studying for another. I am PMP and CSM certified also and I am looking to learn about windows administration in order to learn the fundamental principles behind access management, system administration, sub-netting, how to configure VLAN, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, log analysis and interpretation and all the other good stuff.

      My question is where do i start from?, and how do i have gain this hands-on experience, are there any videos that i can watch or any books that i can read to learn a more hands-on approach.


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      Michael Pietroforte
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      Before you start improving your knowledge in security, you have to work as system/network administrator for a while. IT security is very different from real world security. Say, if you work for the security of a TV warehouse, you have to know little about TVs. However, before you can work in IT security, you first have to become an IT expert.

      You can get started with getting a few Microsoft certifications and then continue with network certifications. As to books, you can check our free admin eBook list. You can begin with books about Windows 10 administration and then move on to Windows Server 2012 R2 / Windows Server 2016.

      But make no mistake about it. Certifications and books are only useful to get started. Even if you pass all tests with flying colors, by no means you can call yourself an IT expert. You mentioned the crucial keyword yourself: “hands-on experience”. However, you certainly can’t get any experience from “videos, books and certifications.” You really have to get your hands dirty and work in IT for several years before you can start with IT security.

      Everything you learned for the certifications will be forgotten after a few weeks if you don’t use this knowledge again and again in real world scenarios. In general, it is fair to say that knowledge as such has significantly lost importance because of the Internet and search engines. Our entire education system still puts too much weight on knowledge and neglects important skills (like how to use search engines to get all the facts you need to solve a particular problem).

      Having said that, certs and books are good to get a general overview of important concepts and they are helpful to get your first IT job. But then the real learning starts and it takes many years to become an IT expert. There really are no shortcuts.

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