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      A few weeks ago I described my little odyssey when I had to restore a UEFI based Windows 8 image. After I read Sander’s post about Secure Boot, I noticed that Secure Boot was no longer enabled in Windows 8. That is, the Confirm-SecureBootUEFI cmdlet returned “False”.

      The strange thing was that according to my PC setup Secure Boot was enabled. Further investigation revealed that Secure Boot was in Setup Mode: Get-SecureBootUEFI –Name SetupMode returned “1”.

      I then had a closer look at my PC Setup (Phoenix SecureCore Tiano) and found that Secure Boot configurations appear in the Boot menu and in the Security menu. The Boot menu claimed that Secure Boot was enabled whereas the Security menu showed Secure Boot as disabled.

      I then chose “Reset to Default” in the Security menu which loaded the default digital keys. After I restarted the system, Windows 8 was in User Mode and Confirm-SecureBootUEFI confirmed that Secure Boot was enabled.

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