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      Whenever you connect to a new network (router) Windows 8 asks you if you want to turn on sharing between PCs on. If you say “yes” the sharing settings for the Private Network location type will be applied; if you say “no” the Public Network configuration will be used.

      Turn sharing on or off

      For Unidentified networks Windows uses the Public network location type by default. A security policy exists where this can be changed (Security Setting > Network List Manager Polices > Unidentified Networks.) The policy also allows you to set user permissions for changing the location. However, when I tried this policy I didn’t notice any effect. I never was able to manually change the location (in Windows 8 right click on the name of the network) when connected to an Unidentified network. Changing the location type for identified networks works fine.

      Unidentified Networks Policy

      Does anyone know the purpose of the above mentioned user permission policy? Is there a way to change the location manually without changing the policy?

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