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      Timothy Warner
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      Hey everyone,
      Have you been considering migrating some (or all) of your on-premises services to the cloud? Specifically with reference to SharePoint, have you tested SharePoint Online/Office 365, or perhaps a third-party hosting provider?
      Uptime, service guarantees, and the like are all well and good. What I want to know is, “How much do you trust your cloud service provider?”
      For instance, Microsoft has data center points of presence all over the world to host Office 365 tenants. What are the laws in each of those countries vis-a-vis government’s access to your data?
      This question is all the more salient given the Snowden leaks and the NSA/Microsoft “relationship.”
      Thoughts? Ideas for preserving your privacy?

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      I think it doesn’t really matter where those servers are located and what laws exist in the corresponding country.

      It was certainly against German law to tap the phone of the German chancellor. NSA officials justified this by claiming that other countries are doing the same. I conclude that breaking the law of allied countries is common practice for government agencies. This probably doesn’t just apply to the NSA but for many intelligent services around the world.

      I believe in the future many companies will try to ensure that their data stays with service providers from their own countries. Companies of smaller countries will store their data in trustworthy and law-abiding countries.

      The results of the ITIF study that the Snowden’s revelations will cost US cloud providers billions are probably true.

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