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      Alan Hawkins
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      IDK if anyone else has had this issue. Trying to complete trust between and and get to very end and it says cannot, because file already exists. Come to find out we have duplicate SID’s of two domains, one which is trusted and another not. And of course we’re in the process of flattening our domain structure, so add to this trying to get ADMT going.

      From what I see online, sysprep can fix the SID but I would have to leave the domain. The problem is, its the only DC on the domain. So I see two options:

      1) create a virtual DC, join domain, migrate FSMO over, take first DC out and fix, then rejoin, then continue with migration effort

      2) Skip migration and just create new accounts for everyone in new domain and just get rid of the old domain.


      fyi, Sysinternals suite has a SID tool, psgetsid.exe

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      If you can, I would go for option 2. The thing is that whenever you do something that is a little unusual, it might cause problems in the long run. Even if the procedure is officially supported, you might run into some bugs because nobody at Microsoft seriously tests non-standard procedures.

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