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    I need some guidance in what is the best way to deploy WDS and MDT servers across two different geographical offices?

    The bandwidth is only 100 MBps between the two office location.

    • Should I create two different WDS & MDT servers (one in each office location)?
      However, the issue here is that I will need to manually copy the image files across the WAN which can be done via Robocopy after business hours. I assume I can use DFS-R for the OS Image replication. But not sure how to configure this.
    • Should I create one main WDS & MDT server in the main office?
      However, the issue here is the bandwidth contention issue which can impact the network performance in between the sites when deploying a new image.

    So what would be the best practice or the suggested action?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had setup OS deployment at each site.  Refreshing the image is a not frequent event here and if you can do it at night it will certainly be less intrusive than daytime imaging.


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