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  1. Profile gravatar of Vladan Seget

    #1 Vladan Seget, Points: 10,625
    Vladan Seget is as an independent consultant, professional blogger, vExpert 2009-2016, VCAP5-DCA/DCD, VCP, and MCSA. He has been working for over 15 years as a system engineer.

  2. Profile gravatar of Adam Bertram

    #2 Adam Bertram, Points: 8,393
    Adam is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Profressional (MVP) who specializes in Windows PowerShell. You can reach Adam at or on Twitter at @adbertram.

  3. Profile gravatar of Timothy Warner

    #3 Timothy Warner, Points: 6,041
    Timothy Warner is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who is based in Nashville, TN. Check out his Azure and Windows Server video training at Pluralsight, and feel free to reach out to Tim via Twitter.

  4. Profile gravatar of Alex Chaika

    #4 Alex Chaika, Points: 4,430
    Alex Chaika is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) with more than 15 years of experience in IT systems engineering. He currently focuses on PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI.

  5. Profile gravatar of Alex Pazik

    #5 Alex Pazik, Points: 3,712
    Alexander specializes in Windows deployments and systems management applications such as System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Operations Manager.

  6. Profile gravatar of Jörgen Nilsson

    #6 Jörgen Nilsson, Points: 2,674

    Jörgen is a principal consultant at Onevinn in Sweden. His work focuses on enterprise client management and system management. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise Mobility. He also speaks at events such as...

  7. Profile gravatar of Anil Erduran

    #7 Anil Erduran, Points: 2,306

    Anil Erduran is a principal consultant and subject matter expert for Hitachi Data Systems EMEA, based in London, UK. He is also a dual category Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Cloud and Datacenter Management and Microsoft Azure. Anil can be found on Twitter...

  8. Profile gravatar of Paul Schnackenburg

    #8 Paul Schnackenburg, Points: 1,382
    Paul Schnackenburg works part time as an IT teacher as well as running his own business in Australia. He has MCSE, MCT, MCTS and MCITP certifications. Follow his blog TellITasITis.

  9. Profile gravatar of James Rankin

    #9 James Rankin, Points: 964

    James is a consultant from the UK, specializing mainly in end-user computing, Active Directory and client-side monitoring. When not implementing projects for his company HTG, he can often be found blogging, writing technical articles and speaking at conferences and user...

  10. Profile gravatar of Wolfgang Sommergut

    #10 Wolfgang Sommergut, Points: 762
    Wolfgang Sommergut has over 20 years of experience in IT journalism. He has also worked as a system administrator and as a tech consultant. Today he runs the German publication

  11. Profile gravatar of Stéphane van Gulick

    #11 Stéphane van Gulick, Points: 589
    Stéphane is an IT engineer from Switzerland, a PowerShell Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and coorganizer of the French PowerShell User Group. He blogs at

  12. Profile gravatar of Michael Pietroforte

    #12 Michael Pietroforte, Points: 553
    Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor of 4sysops. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with more than 30 years of experience in IT management and system administration.

  13. Profile gravatar of Jason Coltrin

    #13 Jason Coltrin, Points: 537
    Jason Coltrin has been working in IT for more than 17 years. He holds an MCSE 2003 Security+ plus various Palo Alto and SonicWall firewall certifications. He also is an avid Linux Administrator and currently works in higher education.

  14. Profile gravatar of Baki Onur Okutucu

    #14 Baki Onur Okutucu, Points: 520

    Onur is a subject matter expert for Office 365, Azure, and PowerShell technologies. He is the founder of Clouderz Ltd, a cloud consultancy based in London. For eight years in a row, Microsoft has recognized him as a Most Valuable Professional. You can follow Onur on...

  15. Profile gravatar of Dan Franciscus

    #15 Dan Franciscus, Points: 506
    Dan Franciscus is a systems engineer and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) specializing in VMware, PowerShell, and other Microsoft-based technologies. You can reach Dan at his blog or his Twitter at @dan_franciscus.

  16. Profile gravatar of Robert Pearman

    #16 Robert Pearman, Points: 495
    Robert is a small business specialist from the UK and currently works as a system administrator for IT Authority. He has been a Microsoft MVP for seven years and has worked as a technical reviewer for Microsoft Press. You can follow Robert on Twitter and in his blog.

  17. Profile gravatar of Josh Rickard

    #17 Josh Rickard, Points: 450

    Josh Rickard works as a Manager on the Product Management team for PhishMe, Inc. Josh's primary focus is in Windows security (Blue Team) and PowerShell automation. Prior to joining PhishMe, Josh was a Security Analyst at a large public university where he focused on...

  18. Profile gravatar of Karim Buzdar

    #18 Karim Buzdar, Points: 449

    Karim Buzdar holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for Server Infrastructure. As an IT engineer and technical author, he focuses on Microsoft Directory Services and PowerShell. You can reach Karim...

  19. Profile gravatar of Micah Rairdon

    #19 Micah Rairdon, Points: 337
    Live and work in Grand Rapids, MI at Haworth Inc.I work in the most comfy chairs ever... basically.Blog:  | Twitter: @tiberriver256

  20. Profile gravatar of Joseph Moody

    #20 Joseph Moody, Points: 175
    Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management. He blogs at

  21. Profile gravatar of Tim Buntrock

    #21 Tim Buntrock, Points: 94
    Tim Buntrock is one of three enterprise administrators for the Active Directory service of a "global player" in the contact center business. He is a certified engineer for MCTS, MCITP, MCSA and MCPS.

  22. Profile gravatar of Bastian A. Wieczorek

    #22 Bastian A. Wieczorek, Points: 76
    Bastian is a senior IT consultant with more than 20 years of experience in IT administration. He focuses on helping organizations plan and operate enterprise collaboration solutions.

  23. Profile gravatar of Kyle Beckman

    #23 Kyle Beckman, Points: 4
    Kyle Beckman works as a systems administrator in Atlanta, GA supporting Office 365 in higher education.  He has 17+ years of systems administration experience. You can follow him on Twitter or his blog,

  24. Profile gravatar of Geoff Kendal

    #24 Geoff Kendal, Points: 1
    Geoff Kendal is a Windows/Linux systems administrator, scripter and problem solver, with over 12 years experience, based in Leeds, UK.

  25. Profile gravatar of Andrew Jacops

    #25 Andrew Jacops, Points: 1
    Andrew Jacops is a system/network administrator with over ten years experience managing Windows environments and the network infrastructures they run on.

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