Z-Cron is a simple task planner like the one of Windows XP/2003 (Schedules Tasks). However, it comes with some additional tools which can be started as planned tasks.

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Here is the complete list from the help file:

  • ALARM: Shows the Z-Alarm-clock window for 4 minutes. The sound will be played, otherwise than the command Z-ALARM, with the built-in speaker (NT/2000/XP).
  • HANGUP: Disconnects an active Dialup connection.
  • CLEANFILE: Time-controlled deleting of files which are older than XX days. You can set the age of the files in an input field in the task's setup.
  • CLEANUPDIR: Delete all files and subdirectories in the selected directory which are older than XX days. You can set the age of the files using an input field in the task's setup. This command works recursive (Professional-version).
  • CONNECT: Establish an internet connection with Dialup network connections (Modem/ISDN).
  • COPYDIR: Copy a directory.
  • COPYFILE: Copy file(s).
  • DELETE: Delete file(s).
  • DESTROY: This will destroy the window with the specified title.
  • DYNIPMAIL: Discover dynamic IP-Address and send e-mail if it changes.
  • EMPTY-TRASH: This will empty the window trash.
  • GETURL: File download using HTTP protocol.
  • HANGUP: Disconnect Dialup connection.
  • HIBERNATE: Set computer to hibernate mode with the possibility to wake it up again after a certain period of time.
  • INFO: Shows the saved info message on the screen for 4 minutes.
  • KILL: Quits a program.
  • LASTRUN: Start a program and shut down computer after it is finished.
  • LOGOFF: Log out of the system.
  • MAIL: Send e-mail with SMTP protocol.
  • MESSAGE: Send message to a computer or workgroup (Messenger service, not related to Windows Messenger).
  • MONITORON: Switch on monitor (Powersave).
  • MONITOROFF: Switch off monitor (Powersave).
  • MOVEDIR: Move directory/folder.
  • MOVEFILE: Move file(s).
  • NTPTIME: Synchronize system time with a NTP time server. You need access to a time server and must not use a firewall blocking UDP port 37 because time is adjusted using this port.
  • PING: Command to send "PINGs" to an IP-Address to test a computer's reaction time and availability.
  • PLAY: Play the file with application registered for the type of file.
  • REBOOT: Reboot computer.
  • REMOTE-SHUTDOWN: Enables you to shut down a computer (Windwos NT, 2000 or XP professional) in your network.
  • RMDIR: Deletes a directory.
  • SCREENSAVEON: Switch on screensaver.
  • SCREENSAVEOFF: Switch off screensaver.
  • SELFTEST: Virus self test.
  • SERVICE-RESTART: Restart selected system service.
  • SERVICE-START: Starts the selected system service.
  • SERVICE-STOP: Stops the selected system service.
  • SERVICE-WATCH: Monitors the selected system service.
  • SHUTDOWN: Shut down computer (Only Windows 2000/XP).
  • SHUTDOWN-MESSAGE: Shut down computer (Only Windows 2000/XP) with alert message.
  • STANDBY Sets the computer into Standby mode.
  • TIMEMARK Write a timemark into the logfile.
  • WATCH Monitors a program. If the monitored program "dies", it will be restarted.
  • WATCH-JOB Monitors a program. If the monitored program "dies", Z-Cron start the indicated Z-Cron Job.
  • WAVEPLAY Play a .wav file.
  • Z-ALARM Shows the Z-Alarm-clock window for 4 minutes and plays the file Zcron.wav.



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