There are two versions of XXClone, a free one and a pro edition. The pro edition has some additional features which are useful if you want to be able to schedule the creation of images.

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Most imaging tools, I know, can only create an image of a Windows installation in offline mode. This means, you have to boot up from DOS diskette or from Windows PE CD. XXclone creates images while the OS on the source drive is online.

XXCloneI must admit that I have my doubts if this works reliably. However, in my test, I had no problems with the tool. I tried XXclone on a VMware Workstation VM. The cloning tool copied the complete Windows XP installation to my second virtual disk. XXclone changes the boot.ini for you, if you want to boot up from the destination drive. In my test, this worked perfectly fine.

You can't use XXclone to create image files. It clones hard disks in the literal sense, i.e. you will get 1-1 copy of your source drive. So its purpose is not to deploy Windows. XXclone is a backup tool. It also supports USB and Firewire devices.

With the free version, you have to backup your system manually, the pro edition allows you to schedule imaging and it supports incremental backups. XXClone Pro costs US$ 40 for every machine. XXclone prices start at US$ 40. (See the comment section for more information.)

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    CypherBit 17 years ago

    Any idea how this compares to DriveImage XML (

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    I didn’t try DriveImage XML, but I think it is quite similar to XXClone. DriveImage XML has the advantage that it supports Windows PE.

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    Flemming 17 years ago

    I have not compared XXClone and DriveImage XML either, but would like to one very nice feature that XXClone in the free edition has. The ability to copy a small partition to a larger partition. Most other free tools I have used for similar tasks requires payment as soon as the partition sizes are different – XXClone does not 🙂

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    Kan Yabumoto 16 years ago

    Michael wrote:
    “XXClone Pro costs US$ 40 for every machine.”
    This is not true.

    The price chart at the XXClone site says:

    Host Count Unit Price Total License Fee
    1 $40.00 $40.00
    2 $30.00 $60.00
    3 $25.00 $75.00
    4 $22.50 $90.00
    5 $20.00 $100.00

    That’s $40 for the first computer and thereafter,
    you pay more or less $20.00 for each additional

  5. Avatar

    Kan, thanks a lot for the hint. I corrected the text.

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    Johnathan 16 years ago

    Might wanna try clonezilla… its free and fully GPL

  7. Avatar
    John Markley 14 years ago

    This is actually just a “WISH-LIST” type of remark. I already know that xxClone will make a perfect copy of my “C” drive to an external hard drive. What I think would be extra great is a CD that would allow the external hard drive to be copied BACK TO THE C-drive. In that way I would not have to remove my internal hard drive and install the external drive….just a thought. Thanks for listening. John

  8. Avatar
    Jose Melendez 14 years ago

    @John Markley, Seagate’s DiscWizard seems to work that way, it’s free if either drive is Seagate. Am just about to try MaxBlast . . .

  9. Avatar
    Jerry Peters 13 years ago

    xxclone doesn’t seem to work on VISTA. Also, it fills the destination drive to the max, before it aborts.

  10. Avatar
    John Markley 13 years ago

    Just wondering…will there be a xxClone for Vista and Windows 7?

  11. Avatar
    Carlyle 13 years ago

    XXCLONE free version works perfectly with Windows 2003 server 32-bit also!

  12. Avatar
    Omer Javed Butt 13 years ago


    As per my experience xxclone is the best cloning software i’ve ever used online and quick in my case we had a festival after 24 hours and there were 7 machines on front of me but with the help of xxclone i prepared all of them within 2 hours…… for me it works superb….

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    jeffrey sonders 10 years ago

    First, thanks for making such a great innovative cloning software.
    I needed something to clone my new 1 TB HDD with new XP install that took me a week to load and tweak to a spare 1TB HDD desktop. No networks, no 50 computers, just the one.
    I Googled the Oracle and I found that XXCLONE and Clonzilla were the best rated. I used XXCLONE because it runs right from inside Windows. The cloning system it uses is better too and super easy to use.
    After unplugging the Source drive and re-boot, the target HDD booted right up with a nice success memo from XXCLONE and it worked perfectly. I must say I’m impressed.
    I would definitely consider the Home version so I can do regular incremental “back ups”.
    Now I need not worry about losing 250 GB of raw data and media files. Since I only run with one HDD at a time (but I can run all four in hexa boot mode), if anything happens, I simply plug in the clone and re-clone back the other way.
    The cloning was pretty fast considering about 250 GB data on a 1 Terrabyte drive only took about 3 1/2 hours using an Intel E6800 3.3 mHz dual core CPU/2GB RAM.
    Thanks again.

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    Good day….

    where can i get a copy of xxclone  to download…if you have a copy can i get a download link to it please


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