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XIA-Configuration-locationsXIA Configuration provides a centralised management system for the inventory and technical documentation of your network infrastructure.

The Configuration Client can be deployed as a Windows Service which can then use several methods to detect and document Windows Servers, Windows Workstations, DNS Services, SQL Instances etc.

Reports can be quickly generated for items saving hours that would be required to write the documentation manually.

XIA-Configuration-reports The information is then sent either automatically via Web Services to the central configuration Server that holds the definitive list of items within the environment or can be stored via XML and uploaded manually if required.

The system has a customisable reporting interface as well as a full Web Services API to allow it to be interrogated and linked to 3rd party applications.

The system can be licensed either FREE which has some limitations on the number of items or per item within the environment.

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XIA Configuration Server

  1. box 14 years ago

    We trialled the free one to how good it was, So good in fact that we now use it to document the 64 schools we currently support. It helps us and the schools in various ways, for audit, for documentation, for trouble-shooting, for site comparisons, for disaster recovery and probably for thing we have not thought of yet.

    We will probable centralize and get the licensed version

    Thanks for this.

  2. Aidan Kellerman 13 years ago

    Quite impressed with the product, it seems to go into a lot more detail than other inventory/audit products. It’s nice to be able to provide detailed documentation to customers something that’s difficult to get produced manually as part of a installation project.

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