It seems as if Microsoft upgraded its Web servers to IIS7. This Netcraft report indicates that they made the upgrade on June 8th. You can check it out yourself by using an HTTP header viewer. It is interesting to note that they run IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2003. I didn't even know that there is an IIS 7 version for Win2k3. It is quite courageous to use beta software for Web servers having to cope with such a traffic load. They are not brave enough to run it on Windows Server 2008, though.

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  1. Aaron 16 years ago

    It doesn’t make sense to me that Microsoft would be running IIS7 on Windows Server 2003, it seems more correct that Netcraft does not yet recognise Windows Server 2008 and assumes 2003 instead.

  2. Chris 16 years ago

    Yeah I believe I saw on a week ago that Microsoft had upgraded their servers to Windows Server 2008.

  3. Bill Staples 16 years ago

    yes, they have upgraded to IIS7 running on Windows 2008 – see

  4. Yeah, it would be an explanation that Netcraft is not yet able to recognize Windows Server 2008. Bill, this article doesn’t mention Windows Server 2008, but I suppose you have other information.

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