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wuinstall WuInstall is a command line tool for Windows, which enables you to install Windows-updates for a certain workstation in a controlled way by using a command line script instead of the standard Windows update functionality.

It can be used by administrators for updates on many workstations using scripts or for users who do not want to use the automatic Windows upates.

WuInstall uses the windows update API and is written in C++. It searches either on the Microsoft - Update - Server or at the internal WSUS-Sever (depending on system configuration) for currently available updates for the current workstation and can also download and/or installs these updates. It is roughly comparable with a simplified apt-get command like in Linux.

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  1. Keith 15 years ago

    It’s a neat tool, but it would be nice if you could specify which update you want to install, instead of having to install all detected updates with the /install switch.

    Also, the download seems to be freely available, but the FAQ states that you need to buy a license for each client that you will use it on.

  2. BubbaX 15 years ago

    I’m with Keith. I’d love to use this tool but it pulls down every update on the web site and I’m picky about what I do and don’t install. Windows Media Player 11 for example – I don’t even run it, and having it forcibly installed is just no danged fun.

  3. Gerald 15 years ago

    The FAQ is, as Michael said, about XEOX.

    The command line Tool WuInstall is just a small part of the functionality of XEOX. WuInstall is available for free.

    An extended version of WuInstall with new features (like more possibliites for selecting updates) is in preparation and will be released soon.

  4. Keith 15 years ago

    Ah my bad, I didn’t notice that the FAQ was for the full XEOX package.

  5. Gerald 15 years ago

    A new version of WuInstall has been released, including advanced selection of updates.

    New Features:

    /reboot -> Forces a reboot within the next 10 seconds

    /criteria “query string” -> searches for updates, which match the query string.

    /match “search string” -> searches for updates which match the search string


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