The Windows community has spoken. The five best Windows websites 2009 are:

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I am honored to have reached the fourth place in a contest where 65 websites have participated. Many thanks to all who voted for 4sysops!

I've never believed that I would be among the top five in this contest considering that 4sysops targets only a small group of Windows users whereas most of the other sites have a much broader audience.

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However, there are probably quite a few other great Windows websites out there. Feel free to link to your favorite sites (preferably for Windows admins) in a comment. Don't be ashamed to link to your own Windows website.

  1. WindowsObserver 12 years ago

    Congrats on the work at the website and the 4th place over all out of 65!

    I was one of the 65 and was pleased to be considered.

    Keep up the great work - your site is a regular read for me.


  2. Hank Arnold 12 years ago

    Well deserved... Congrats.

  3. Thaaanks!

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