As a system administrator, you probably have to show users, every now and then, how to use applications. One way is to explain it "live", another is to write a tutorial with some screenshots, or to use a tutorial and presentation software like Wink. Usually these tools are quite expensive. But Wink is for free!

For a free program, it is really a great tool. I had difficulties creating a usable presentation at first. (As usual, I was too impatient to study the manual.) However, after playing a while with Wink, I managed to produce something which I am proudly presenting here. You need Flash to view it. I used another Wink installation to produce this presentation. In the beginning, you will see a little movie, and then you have to click "Next" to view the subsequent screenshots.

Flash Presentation of Wink

Okay, okay, I still need some practice, but I have never used such a tool before. If you already have some screenshots, you can import them into Wink. Possible output formats are Macromedia Flash, Standalone EXE, PDF, PostScript, and HTML files. The latter is a simple HTML file plus multiple graphics files which contain all the screenshots. You can choose between numerous common graphics formats. Wink supports several languages. Maybe you try Chinese, if you can.

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DebugMode: Wink

  1. rad marssy 17 years ago

    nice tool, may i have it? where can i download this application?

  2. The link is at the end of the post.

  3. Dave 16 years ago

    We started with Wink build 2.0 2 days ago, and already have a professional (we think) looking slide presenation of one application (100+ slides).

    Wink is a Winner !!

    Thks, Dave

  4. DP 15 years ago

    is this program compatible with powerpoint? if it is I must have it.

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