Windows XP SP3 RC2 is now available as a public download via Windows Update. Even though I know that this SP isn’t really exciting I was curious enough to install it today. As before one has to run a little exe which changes some registry keys. The difference this time was that SP showed up in Windows Update shortly afterwards. Last time, I had to wait a day or so. Download was pretty fast, too. Perhaps that is a sign that nobody is really interested in it?

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This service pack is certainly of far less importance than Vista SP1. XP is already very stable and secure since service pack 2. Many won’t really care about the new features such as NAP support or the changes about WGA.

The only purpose of this SP is to simplify deployment of new Windows XP installations. I recently started a Windows XP test machine that wasn’t online since I installed SP2. I didn’t watch the update process all the time, but it must have taken some hours until all patches were downloaded and installed.

I don’t know if SP3 will have any effect on Vista adoption, but one thing is for sure, Microsoft won’t invest much anymore in XP. And I must admit that one reason I would like to get rid of XP is because I am getting bored of it. After I installed SP3, I was thinking of what I could I try now, but there is literally nothing.

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Yeah, I am also underwhelmed by this service pack. Of course, that is not really a reason to move to Vista. So I can understand people well who say that XP does everything they need. If only it isn’t so boring. No software compatibility issues, no driver problems, no performance tweaking, not even a little worm that could keep us busy. It is really a pity that XP works so well. I guess that is what it makes it such a bore. Don’t you think so? 😉

  1. adamcpennington 16 years ago

    You wonder why Microsoft has decided to make an available up grade to their old operating system XP. Vista has been out for how long? Sounds like Gates scrounging for more money in all the nooks and kranies. Bad publicity from the Vista could be the culprit.

  2. Adamcpennington, you probably are right. After 13 years, Mr. Gates isn’t the richest man anymore. It is understandable that he needs some more money now. Don’t you think so? 😉

  3. isaac 16 years ago

    He (Gates) is still the richest man, his acquisition of Yahoo! is just unsolicited.

  4. Kyle 16 years ago

    I don’t think Bill is too worried about money, he’s given more away in the last year than i will probably make in my lifetime.

    I’ll have to agree though, XP is becoming kinda boring, no more fixing stuff on the inside,, kinda makes me feel like an old lady. I enjoy a good challenge, i might gte vista soon as i get some money outa Bush…lol

  5. Isaac, if MS really buys Yahoo, I somehow doubt that he will ever be again the richest man. I think, this acquisition is not good for MS.

    Kyle, I agree. Gates doesn’t really worry about the money. I was only joking. Maybe someone should tell Microsoft’s marketing to change their hero campaign into something like this: Be a hero and face the Vista challenge. 😉

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