I just stumbled upon Microsoft's latest Group Policy Settings Reference. You probably know the old one for Windows XP/2003. The new one also includes Vista's new Group Policy settings. If you compare the Excel tables containing all settings, you can calculate the number of new settings that were introduced with Vista.

There are 1671 settings for Windows 2000/XP/2003. Vista adds 824 new settings. So, all in, all we have now 2495 switches to tune Windows. It is getting more and more difficult to have Group Policy under control.

I just wonder why Microsoft publishes this as an Excel sheet. Why doesn't Microsoft offer a web database for this? Or is there something like this and I just don't know about it? Let me know...

By the way, Vista doesn't just introduce new Group Policy settings; there are also some more fundamental changes. I tested them a while ago with Vista's release candidates. Here is the complete list of my articles about Vista's new Group Policy features:

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