It is the number one topic for the last two days in the tech blogosphere. Microsoft changed some files on Windows XP and Vista machines via Windows Update without asking for permission. Nate Clinton, product manager Windows Update, meanwhile tried to clarify this incident in the Microsoft Update Product Team Blog. In my view, his explanation is not plausible.

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If I understood it right, then his main point is that Windows Update itself had to be updated to work properly in the future. But this doesn't explain at all why users haven't been notified in advance about this. If Microsoft can replace system files, then it should also be possible to notify users about the update.

It is not that I mistrust Microsoft. Of course, I would always let them update Windows. These are just bad manners. I simply want to know if something will be changed on my PC and if it is only because it would help me pin down the cause of system problems later.

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I really don't understand why Microsoft is so insensitive about such issues. Some people think that Microsoft is only successful because of their marketing. I wonder, however, how it is possible that a company with such a bad image can survive at all. It must have something to do with their products.

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  1. Lukas Beeler 16 years ago

    I’ve known and worked with WU auto update since i’ve first touched SUS – it’s astonishing that this got such widespread publicity.

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