If you are sys admin you probably know the Sysinternals tools. You might have heard that they were bought by Microsoft a while ago. Meanwhile the tools are available at Microsoft's Windows Sysinternals technet site. If you don't know about Sysinternals tools, I highly recommend having a look at them. Many of them are must-have-tools for system administrators. You can download now the complete Sysinternal Suite. I discussed Sysinternals Process Explorer and Sysinternals Autoruns some time ago. There also is a new tool, called Process Monitor, which combines the functionality of Filemon and Regmon.

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    Luke 17 years ago

    Yeah, I noticed that. One day I went to sysinternals.com to download Autoruns on a computer I was cleaning, and when I saw that Microsoft logo I was almost sure that I mistyped the URL somehow.

    Oh well. I really hope that this move won’t stifle Mark Russinovich’s innovation, or impair his journalistic integrity as a blogger. After all he was one of the first people who published technical details on that Sony rootkit.

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    In my view it is not possible to work for a company and write objective articles about its products. So I can’t take his articles too serious anymore.

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    Luke 17 years ago

    Yeah, very true… It’s unfortunate.

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