Windows Servers are the most frequently changed resources within the entire IT infrastructure. Daily modifications present enormous risk to critical IT systems’ stability and availability. Unauthorized and erroneous changes made to Windows Server configurations can potentially result in serious disruption of the IT infrastructure.

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Enterprises must be notified of any changes made to Windows servers – no matter when modifications are made or by whom. Even trusted administrators are prone to human error – errors that could result in server downtime and potential loss of business productivity. That’s why implementing Windows Server configuration change auditing is a must and the only trusted way to track all changes across the Windows environment.

Windows Server Change Reporter

Windows Server Change Reporter

Unfortunately, native tools provided with the Windows Server O/S do not deliver the desired depth of visibility over the changes made to Widows Server environment. At the same time manual approach to systems change management introduces security risks because, inevitably, someone will forget to document a change.

When it comes to protecting your Windows environment, relying on manual intervention and documentation simply isn’t enough. Take for example the seemingly simple task of changing a DNS setting. If challenges arise during this task and there’s no supporting documentation that captures the changes along the way, the existing change control processes have failed and one or more systems may be impacted.

Let’s look at another example related to compliance. Regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI require systems administrators to accurately track user access and privileges. Should a local group membership change or if new users are added to a local system, those changes need to be properly captured so as not to impact compliance standings. And a final example, the inadvertent removal of an anti-virus application could have serious security consequences should the infrastructure become infected down the road.

The new Windows Server Change Reporter from Netwrix unifies change and configuration auditing of the Windows Server. The product automatically audits server configuration changes by scanning through device drivers, services, registry settings, hardware, IIS, DNS configurations, software installations and other changes on all Windows servers. The reports generated by the product provide clear answers to essential questions of who changed what, when and where in an easy to understand and human-readable format.

Netwrix solution for Windows Server configuration monitoring facilitates Windows Server auditing filling major gaps found in native auditing mechanisms.

Key Features:

  • Clear display of who changed what when and where
  • Shows “before” and “after” values for all changes
  • Report Subscription capability for automatic report delivery
  • Instant real-time alerts on critical changes
  • Supports DNS and IIS environments
  • Immediate access to statistics and data through dashboards
  • Simple deployment and automatic configuration
  • Compliance to SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, GLBA
  • Single console for auditing of all Windows Servers

Netwrix also offers change auditing solutions for a variety of platforms including Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, VMware and many more with NetWrix Change Reporter that unifies the auditing of the entire IT infrastructure.


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