Some days ago, I mentioned that there are rumors that Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 might come out on January 16th. Well, as it turned out now, those were nothing other than rumors, even though they were spread by usually well-informed sources. InfoWeek reports that the original time schedule is still valid. That is, Windows Server 2008 will probably be released at the end of February.

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I find it a bit strange that false release dates about Microsoft products are published, often. Usually, the authors claim to have this information from Microsoft insiders. Are they just inventing those release dates or are even Microsoft employees sometimes confused about them? The fact that McClaws, a Microsoft employee, mentioned the false ship date in his blog, is an indication for the latter. When he removed this post, I already suspected that it was just a hoax.

Since Service Pack 1 for Vista will probably be released together with Windows Server 2008, I suppose, it will also be available only at the end of February. I think there is a fair chance that Windows XP SP3 will come out around the same time.

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    Peder Vendelbo Mikkelsen 16 years ago

    I understood the Bink-article to mean that the real RTM-date is january the 23. or 24. dependent on the timezone you are in (is that Mountain Time they use in Redmond? I cant remember), if and only if the TAP-paticipants approve the RTM escrow-build.

    I guess that the TAP-participants have from january the 16. to the 23. to decide.

    The Swedish Microsoft website has a counter that says that today there are 41 days to release, i guess that means that the Swedish translation agency have done their job in about 40 days. You can get to the link from here:

    In Denmark, Microsoft are holding a prelaunch event on thursday the 24. of january, perhaps it is a coincidense because they havent announced dates for the real launch-event yet.

    The launch-event for Vista last year were announced 14 days in advance, eventhough the software were available 3 months before (i guess they decided to wait for the Danish translation).

    Bob Muglias email from yesterday surprised me a bit, i thought he would either announce W2K8 or the date it would be RTW (Ready To Web) for business-customers.

    I dont work for Microsoft, i am not in the TAP-program, i am just a customer and are guessing.

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    Yeah there is always lots of speculation about Microsoft’s release date. I just commented on it in my . I really wished their scheduling would be more transparent.

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