Keith Comb created some great screencasts about Server Core. If you are wondering how one can configure a Windows server without windows, then you should have a look at this nice introduction to Server Core. Actually, it is not really without windows. You'll see that you can still use graphical tools to manage Sever Core. If you are more of the type who likes to read instead of watching, you might want to check out my post about the essentials of Server Core and my introduction to Server Core.

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There are eight screen casts:

Core Technical Overview: The first screencast introduces Server Cores. So if you never saw it before, you should watch this one.

Core Hyper-V Prerequisites: This screencast gives a quick overview of how to use Server Core as virtual machine in Hyper-V. You will also get a glimpse of Hyper-V. If you want to see more about that, then you should check out Keith Comb's screencast about Hyper-V.

Core Networking: The network settings have to be configured with NETSH. Somewhat inconvenient, in my view.

Core Activation: Yeah unfortunately, you also have to activate Server Core. You'll see here that Server Core is not completely without windows. It seems hard for Microsoft to entirely give them up.

Domain Join: If you ever used scripts to join Windows machines to a domain, you probably know the NETDOM command. It is also the tool used in Server Core.

Core Role Installation: You may know that in Windows Server 2008, server roles play an even more important role than Windows Server 2003 R2. This role-based model also makes it easier to install new features on Server Core. Again, you will see that it seems to be impossible to be completely without graphical components in a Microsoft environment.

Core Feature Installation: For me it is often vague what the difference is between a role and a feature in Windows Server 2088. You'll see that they are installed the same way in Server Core. (start /w ocsetup feature/role).

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Core Management: This screencast will show you how to manage Server Core remotely with the graphical tools in MMC (Microsoft Management Console). If you ask me, most admins will go this way and only a few will manage Server Core on the command line. It is much more convenient and, I think, most third party vendors will offer graphical tools that can be used to configure their software running on Server Core.


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