Windows Server 2003 SP2 RC is now publicly available for download. So it might be time get prepared for Microsoft's latest Server Service Pack. There are, however, no major changes in SP2, like in SP1. Microsoft has a list of top 10 reasons why we should deploy SP2.

Number 1 is, of course, that it includes all security updates and hotfixes. The number 2 reason is already that SP2 will update RIS (Remote Installation Services) to WDS (Windows Deployment Services).

It really is a major improvement over RIS. I wrote a review about WDS a while ago. However, you don't need SP2 to get WDS since it is also available as part of WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) which can be downloaded separately.

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Kamil Bugra Rodoper, SP2 Program Manager, posted a Newgroup thread in the Windows Server Division Weblog. Who ever wrote this was quite satisfied with his/her test of Windows Server SP2. So it won't probably take too long until we see the final.

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  1. blaze 16 years ago

    I just only need the softwere

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