Windows PowerShell is finally available for Vista, too. Download and installation took me only a minute or so. It is interesting to note, that WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) already checks Windows before the download. If you download it with Firefox, you have to install a plugin first.

To start PowerShell you only have to type "Power" at Vista's Start Search prompt. What I like about it is that its default background is now blue. This black background of the command prompt is really ugly. PowerShell

Copy and paste is better, too. On the command prompt, it is quite complicated to enable the "Mark" feature (click on the left upper corner, then "Edit", then "Mark"). You don't this need anymore for the PowerShell user interface. Just mark the text, press "Enter" and then right click where you want to paste the text.

Another difference to the command prompt is that if you click on the maximize symbol, you get a bigger window. However, you still can't enlarge it to full screen mode. I wonder why? If you need a window bigger than 120 characters, you have to change the properties and set the width manually. This is a quite longwinded procedure. Why can't one just resize the window?
Well, okay, the real power of the PowerShell lies not in its new user interface, of course.

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  1. Soeren P 16 years ago

    Regarding copy/paste:
    In a Windows XP/2003 command prompt the quick copy/paste is called “QuickEdit”. To enable it click in the top left corner > Defaults > Options tab > Edit Options box: Enable QuickEdit mode. It’s off by default in XP/2003, but was on by default in Win2000.

  2. Michael Pietroforte 16 years ago

    Oh why didn’t you tell me this 5 years ago? 😉

  3. arley d 16 years ago

    In addition, in 2000/2003/XP (at least with QuickEdit enabled) a right-click in the command window will do a paste. I don’t think that is documented ANYWHERE!

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