Softpedia reports that the Windows 9 release date might already be in October 2014 and not in April 2015.
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The information comes from Win8Cina. My Chinese is a bit rusty lately, so I can’t verify the report. I hope the information is true because it would show that Microsoft realizes the seriousness of the situation.

However, I doubt that anybody really knows when Windows 10 will be released. Whenever you hear an IT journalist say “my sources tell me,” you should be cautious in taking the information too serious. As long as there is no official announcement, everything is subject to change.

Even though Microsoft most likely has an internal schedule, it is the nature of complex IT projects that deadlines are more often missed than kept. Planned features often turn out to be too ambitious and don’t make it to the final release. I still remember the countless rumors about Windows Vista. In the end, the number of axed features was probably larger than the number of actual features and many readers of IT news sites were disappointed. Thus, you can’t base any decision on these kinds of reports.

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I admit that we also covered the similar chatter of upcoming features on 4sysops. I believe that sometimes it can be helpful to spark a discussion in the IT community if detailed information about important changes is available in advance. If Microsoft discussed planned new features publicly (like they did on the Building Windows 8 blog), all these “sources” would have little opportunity to boast about their insider information and the disappointment caused by unfounded rumors could be minimized.


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