A Windows 8 Ultrabook with touchscreen will be the new status symbol of any business man. This posts lists all announced Windows 8 Ultrabooks.

Time passes so fast. About two years ago, Steve Jobs announced the post-PC age and it's already over. I think we are about to enter the post-iPad age. Notice that I use the word "post" in the same sense Jobs did. I don't say that the iPad won't continue to be one of Apple's cash cows. What I mean is that the coolest thing to have now is a Windows 8 Ultrabook.

When the iPad came out, every business person wanted to show off with an iPad to demonstrate coolness and cutting-edge awareness. Meanwhile, many business men figured that a tablet is quite useful for swiping through the pictures of their girlfriends, but when it comes to editing an Excel sheet an iPad is somehow not the right tool.

Windows 8 Ultrabooks with touchscreens, on the other hand, can be used efficiently for both tasks. And, of course, they are much more useful for showing off, not only because they look much cooler than an iPad but also because they are more expensive. And let's not forget that they can now rival their neighbors at the meeting table, boasting to have the thinnest, the lightest, and the fastest Windows 8 Ultrabook.

Talking about post ages, another thing might soon be more or less obsolete: the good old computer mouse. Almost all announcements of Windows 8 Ultrabooks boast touchscreens. It won't be much different with notebooks and also for desktop displays, where touch will soon be a must-have feature.

Hence, as an admin, you should be prepared for even the Windows XP fans in your organization to now demand the latest Windows version. However, the first to knock at your door will be managers claiming that they urgently need a Windows 8 Ultrabook because an important meeting is scheduled for next week.

The list below will help you show that you are cutting edge too and already know about all the Windows 8 Ultrabooks on the market. Please let me know if I missed an announcement in a comment below or by sending me an email. I will then update the list.


M3 Touch, 15.6-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Acer Aspire M3

Aspire S7: 11.6- or 13.3-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Acer Aspire S7

Multi-touch comes to Acer Ultrabooks

Acer Aspire S7: the ultra-slick Windows 8 touchscreen ultrabook


Zenbook Prime, 11- or 13-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Asus Zenbook Prime

Taichi, 13.3-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Asus Taichi

ASUS shows off a touchscreen Zenbook Prime Ultrabook, we go fingers-on

Asus Taichi: Ultrabook In Front, Tablet In The Back


XPS Duo 12, 12-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Dell XPS Duo 12

Dell’s XPS Duo 12 Might Have The Best Laptop Of The Hybrid Combinations


Stylistic Q702, 11.6-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Fujitsu Stylistic Q702

Hands-on with the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook — This One Should Be on Your List


Envy x2, 11.6-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - HP Envy x2

Envy 4, 14-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - HP Envy 4

Spectre XT, 13-inch

HP Takes Wraps Off Windows 8 Ultrabooks, Hybrid PC

Windows 8 Ultrabook - HP Spectre XT


IdeaPad Yoga, 13.3-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo Shows Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid with Touchscreen

Lenovo Changes the Ultrabook Game


Series 5, 13.3-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Samsung Series 5

Samsung Unveils Series 5 Ultrabook With Touch Screen

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Ultrabook arrives October 26th, starting at $799


Vaio T13, 13.3-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Sony Vaio T13

Duo 11, 11-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Sony Duo 11

Sony slaps a touchscreen on the Vaio T13 ultrabook for Windows 8

Sony's Vaio Duo 11 blends tablet with laptop to create a 'tabtop'


Satellite U925t, 12.5-inch

Windows 8 Ultrabook - Satellite U925t

Toshiba Satellite U925t: Windows 8 Ultrabook Sports Sliding Touchscreen

Toshiba unveils U925t Ultrabook with slide-out touchscreen, keeps the price a secret for now

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