Disclaimer: These rumors were never confirmed from official Microsoft sources. At the time of this writing, there is no official announcement from Microsoft regarding the new features of Windows 8.

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Windows 8 logo You've probably noticed the stir that some leaked Windows 8 presentations have caused in the blogosphere. Most bloggers only picked out one or two of their favorite features. In this series I will outline my own interpretation of the leaked presentations.

There are different reports where the presentations appeared first. I didn't bother to find out what is true. The complete collection of all presentations can be accessed at the Microsoft Kitchen. But let me give you two warnings before you move ahead.

First, most of the presentations are quite unspectacular. They are more about the metaphysics of Windows 8 than about real new features.

Second, Windows 8 obviously is only in an early planning stage. This means that these presentations have brainstorming character. At this point in time, neither Steve Ballmer nor Steven Sinofsky nor Paul Thurrott know which features Windows 8 will really have.

You probably remember the buzz about new Vista features like the new database-based file system while the XP successor was still in the development phase. Then Microsoft was forced to drop all these fabulous new features to focus on security because numerous Windows worms crashed XP systems all around the planet.

Considering that the IT world is spinning faster every year, it is not unlikely that something comparable will happen to Windows 8. The leaked presentations already indicate that the success of the iPad will have a major impact on Windows 8. This is not just about tablets; this is also about related matters such as the App Store.

Thus these new concepts are brand new, and any new incident—such as leaked information about a highly confidential new Apple product that will be in the stores next week or perhaps an official Google announcement about new vaporware to be released in one or two years—can change the direction in which the development of Windows 8 will go.

I suppose quite a few people at Microsoft are furious now about the leaked presentations. However, I actually think that these rumors help Microsoft find out what people really want. Even though some Windows customers might be disappointed if their favorite features didn't make it into the end product, the majority will be satisfied if Microsoft really listens carefully not just to a few CTOs of big companies or a handful of geeks but to the buzz on the web.

Nevertheless, I think I explained in detail why everything I say here in this article is mere speculation. And I admit to not saying the truth already in the heading of this article because the summary of the new Windows 8 features will only start in the next post of this series. 😉

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Until then, you could tell me what Windows 8 features are on your wish list. I am planning to run a poll about this topic, so if you have a killer feature that should be in this poll, please let me know.


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