Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT) is unable to copy files

This post explains why the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT) is unable to copy the install files to the USB drive in some cases. The tool allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO file on a USB flash drive.

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Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor of 4sysops. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with more than 30 years of experience in system administration.

Update: If you have problems Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool you can try the free alternative Rufus. The most powerful tool for creating a bootable Windows setup flash drive is WinSetupFromUSB.

You might have heard of the stir that Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT) caused last year when some Open Source watchmen recognized that the tool contained code that violated the GPL. Microsoft was then “forced” to release WUDT under GPLv2. Considering the upset in the media about this incident, I expected a luxurious tool that comes with lots of customization features. I was somewhat disappointed to discover it does nothing else but copy the contents of a Windows 7 install DVD to a USB stick and make it bootable.

Windows-7-USB-DVD-Download Tool-WUDT

The funny thing is that WUDT even failed to perform this simple task with my no-name USB stick. This message was the only thing that the Open Source tool could do for me:

We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again.

At least, my cheap stick wasn’t the cause because everything worked perfectly when I manually did the job (hopefully without violating any Open Source laws). So, I thought, I would write this post for those who might run into the same problems and think they need to buy another USB stick. After all, this is Microsoft software and there are not many options to integrate bugs in such a simple tool.

Anyway, here is what you have to do. Launch a command prompt with admin rights and run the diskpart tool. Note: Before you run these commands read the warning below!

The “list disk” command will show you the connected drives and with “select disk”, you can choose your USB stick.

WARNING: Be careful to select the right drive or else your day won’t have a happy end because if you select the wrong drive you will lose all your data on this drive!

The crucial step here is the “clean” command. It overwrites the MBR and the partition table (thereby, deleting everything on the stick). My guess is that WUDT misses this step and only formats the flash drive. It appears my memory stick had some odd partitions (which is not uncommon). When I tried WUDT again with this prepared stick, the Open Source tool mastered its task without further murmur.

By the way, this is also the reason why you shouldn’t use the Windows Disk Management applet to prepare the USB stick. This GUI doesn’t offer a clean command.

After you prepare the stick, you have to copy the contents of your Windows 7 DVD to the thumb drive, and you are done. If you only have an ISO file, you can use Virtual CloneDrive to mount the Windows 7 install DVD first.

Instead of formatting the partition with FAT32, you can also use NTFS (like WUDT does), but then you need an extra step to make the drive bootable:

“X:” is the drive letter of your USB stick. Bootsect.exe can be found on the Windows 7 DVD in the boot folder. However, I can’t really recommend using NTFS. My USB stick, at least, appeared to be slower with NTFS.

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  1. avatar Luke says:

    Thanks for posting this Michael.

    I used the WUDT countless times on the same Kingston G2 stick, until one time it decided not to restore – strange.

    Anyway, it’s working again so thanks again!

  2. That’s interesting. I thought it is only a problem with unprepared USB drives. Seems there are some other bus in WUDT.

  3. avatar Thew says:

    This worked to correct the problem for me. I had previously used my USB drive to boot an Apple Mac X OS and clearly it had some residual MBRs that needed to be cleaned.

  4. avatar Finn says:

    Thanks Michael!

    That clean command did the trick. U just saved me a whole day of fiddeling arround!

  5. avatar Anthony says:

    I’ve been struggling with this for a while. This post cleared it right up. Many thanks!

  6. avatar Terry Walsh says:

    Fantastic workaround – a big thank you.

  7. avatar hans says:

    thanks, it works! :)

  8. avatar Adrian says:

    Nice one! Thanks very much, bit of a head scratcher!

  9. avatar Rene Treffer says:

    I recently had the same problem with this MS tool, The solution was quite simple: disable Avira (free antivirus tool)! It turns out that the antivirus software detects malicious activities on the usb device (surprise, we are trying to make it bootable & copy stuff like autorun.inf!).

    So if you see this “can’t copy files”, try to disable your antivirus software!

  10. avatar shanon says:

    thanks very much — i was totally stuck and this worked great.

  11. The problem resides in the partition table format.

    WUDT need a ms-dos partition table format, some cheap usb sticks don’t have a partition table, o some special operations like dd an debian image to the sticks erases that partitions.

    My solution is open gparted (or any partition editor) and create a ms-dos partition table on the stick.

    After that WUDT will work perfect.

  12. avatar User5001 says:

    Thanks :)

  13. avatar Yogesh says:

    diskpart command with clean did the job
    thanks, it really works!

  14. avatar Leandro says:

    Great post, thank you very much!
    Worked fine!

  15. avatar dimaudi says:

    big thanks, it’s helpfull

  16. avatar Benjamin says:

    Thanks Michael, your post solved the problem for me.

  17. avatar Korean says:

    Diskpart doesn’t work well in xp.
    Because usb drives don’t seem when typing “list disk” at XP.
    They will be able to seem at least Vista.

  18. avatar mihai says:

    Thank you for sharing. Microsoft tool is annoying….your steps did the clean install from usb stick quick and easy.

    Thanks again for helping me getting out from nowhere

  19. avatar dome says:

    Thanks a lot! this is was so helpful!!

  20. avatar caswell says:

    I’m not the most computer literate. Is there an idiot’s guide for the command prompt? Or at least for this process?

  21. avatar caswell says:

    Nevermind. Trial and error prevails! (And I didn’t blow up my computer!)

  22. avatar Onecar says:

    Much appreciated, have been experiencing this kind of strange behaviour. Anyways it works flawlessly for me now, thanks a lot for your advice 😉

  23. avatar cleison says:


  24. avatar imperator says:

    nice ware…
    but something wrong with my usb device after using this software.
    my computer did not recognize my usb device anymore.
    can anyone help me?

  25. avatar krky says:

    Good Work guy !!!
    work pefectly !

  26. avatar Peter says:

    Thanks a lot for this post, worked a treat when my Sandisk Micro Cruzer wouldn’t work with the USB DVD tool, where it had done before.

    I have another USB stick with the same problem so gonna test your solution with that and if it works, you just resurrected an old USB stick for me!


  27. avatar Net Guy says:

    Thanks a lot. This worked for me.. I no longer get that ugly error!

  28. avatar Waruna says:

    Thanks Brother. Great.

  29. avatar Glenn Ruel Senorin says:

    Just like Rene Treffer above. I also got the message do to Avira. Disabling Avira allowed me to use WUDT.

  30. avatar Vincent says:

    good job~ thank you~

  31. avatar Jeff says:

    For your information:
    You can also correct that problem with the “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3”, download here or google it:

    Run it as admin, choose the correct drive and do a quick format.

  32. avatar Andyle says:

    Thank you, my problem has been resolved, thanks a lot.

  33. avatar mitallast says:

    Thank you, great!

  34. avatar Szam says:

    Thanks a lot man, works great!

  35. avatar kwon says:

    wow thanks man helped me a lot.

  36. avatar linuxeasy says:

    Hey guys, just format your usb drive with HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL, which can also be found here:

    and format your usb stick by selecting fat32 filesystem (quick format will do, no need to check msdos filesystem stuffs)

    and again run the WUDT, and this time it copies. thanks all.

  37. avatar Andrew says:

    Thanks very much, this worked for me!

  38. avatar Stephane says:

    Yes, the clean command did the trick. Thanks a lot.

  39. avatar lukasz says:

    great! it’s working perfect :-)

  40. Hi man

    I consider myself to be an IT prof or atleast somewhat pro :) – I had a hard time getting this to work but with your guide it just worded Flawlessly. Thanks mate

  41. avatar Mr Black says:

    oh thanks so much for this post. you are the best ever.

  42. avatar adhamsalm says:

    u r great person ever that problem scared me alot i thught my USB Stick is gone thanx alot brother

  43. avatar A dude says:

    you saved my life twice with this Tut

    thank you so much Michael Pietroforte

  44. avatar Al Strickler says:

    This worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

  45. avatar Godsmith says:

    There are a lot of guides on the net regarding making a thumb drive bootable with or without the download tool, but none explains WHY it works (and doesn’t work) like yours do. Two thumbs up!

  46. avatar kintaro says:

    I have similar problem, but the solution was to disable antivirus which blocked copy process.

  47. avatar CRDN says:

    DUDE…………. YOU ROCK!!!!! 😀

  48. avatar Cindy Stokes says:

    OMG, I love you!!! Thank you!!!

  49. avatar koiloli says:

    thanks alot…haha, it is copying…

  50. avatar imx4uxx says:

    You can try HP USB Disk storage format tool.
    I formatted my USB with this tool and then used windows 7 USB DVD download tool and it worked like a charm.

    I had error like can not copy before.

  51. avatar A dude says:

    ok you now saved my life 3times

    thank you again

  52. avatar Maxien says:

    Thanks a lot!!

    However you don’t need to manually move the files to the USB. I did the command promt thing then ran Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool again and it is now copying the files onto the USB.

    Thanks a lot though!! :o)

  53. avatar Louis-Alexandre says:

    Thx alot. The step indicated resolved my issue.

  54. avatar mattti says:

    Thanks very much!!!
    I was about to throw away my usb stick.

  55. avatar Alejandro says:

    Thank you!! it works awesome 😀

  56. avatar zhuk says:

    Great! Thank you. Very helpful information.

  57. avatar Mr_Son says:

    Thank you very much. It works very good

  58. avatar Samuel Mossberg says:

    This worked brilliantly, thank you!

  59. avatar adi says:

    THANK’s a million now it is perfectly working I tried everything from quick formating to disk formating but nothing worked except yours THANKS !

  60. avatar Auraria says:

    I am not sure when it comes to choosing the ISO file, I have no idea what to click! any suggestions?

  61. avatar Evandro says:

    thx dude my problem was solved as you describe, very good Tutorial!

  62. avatar Amazed says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!111111

  63. avatar bluescrren says:

    thx a lot!!!
    i really thought mb its my stick, couse it worked with my old one i just lost.
    but now after the preparation no problem ;D

  64. avatar Krzaq says:

    Really great job with that article.
    Thanks a lot.

  65. avatar H. H. Sajjad says:

    Thanks, it worked.

  66. avatar Polo says:

    Thank you so frekkin much!

  67. avatar tito says:

    I had this problem.. I solved this problem desactivating my avira…

  68. avatar Douglas says:

    Thanks to Michael Pietroforte for the procedure and Rene Treffer for the tip related to Avira. It works fine to me now!

  69. avatar sygyzy says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this. I knew my USB stick was not defective but the download tool would not copy the files no matter what I tried. Using your instructions, I was able toa get it working.

  70. avatar Dave says:

    Thanks bro that helped a ton 😀

  71. avatar Pablo says:

    This post was really helpful!! thanks for your help!!!

  72. avatar Feras says:

    thank’s. i’m so happy about this solution

  73. avatar Ibrahim52 says:

    Whoever you are buddy. I salute you for posting the MOST SMART WAY to get rid of this annoying error.

  74. avatar AJ says:

    This works!

    I made a Google Chromium OS boot disk on my USB drive and it created half a dozen non windows partitions. Disk manager was having problems even deleting them, I got another program to remove them and used Windows to reformat it but it was the MBR that was causing problems.

  75. avatar parabel says:

    Thank you! :) Had the exact same problem, found this through Google.
    Quite lame that Windows’ disk management doesn’t offer the “clean” option in the GUI and that the WUDT doesn’t realize where the error lies.

  76. avatar Jamal Sheriff says:

    I’m trying this. But the clean option wont work… Everytime I select my flash drive and try and clean it. It says there is no disk selected. Please select a disk and try again.

  77. avatar Jamal Sheriff says:

    NEVERMIND.. Presistence is key.. I went over to a computer with windows 7 and did it from there.. God dam windows xp 32bit.. God dam you to hell..

  78. avatar Halaster says:

    dude – u rock – I installed a WIN XP on my second partition, and it destroyed the MBR of WIN 7, thanks to you its now copying files to my USB – I hope I can boot from my USB to fix the MBR…

  79. avatar chris says:

    thanks a lot 😉

  80. avatar Wydi says:

    Thanks once more! Worked flawlessly. :)

  81. avatar Paul says:

    Thanks! Had the same problem and your solution worked like a charm!

  82. avatar Masmas says:

    Wow. Seems that I’m the only idiot who can’t get it to work. I tried with diskpart, which seems to do what it is supposed to do, but to no effect. Tried the HP Tool, but that won’t work either. Turned off the antivirus software (ESET), but there’s nothing to be done. It just won’t give in.

    My USB Stick is from Lexar (8gb). Any chance I missed something important? Or is there a possibility that some sticks just won’t work no matter what?

  83. avatar Masmas says:

    P.S.: WUDT actually starts copying but stops really quick. A few files find their way to the USB stick. Does that indicate… something? (sry for my english)

  84. avatar Kelly Lipp says:

    This did not work for me. I wonder why Microsoft doesn’t just fix this…

  85. avatar Carlo Fajardo says:

    The diskpart tool worked great! For those people who can’t understand what to type, here you go:
    – Run “diskpart” from a command prompt with admin rights
    – list disk
    – select disk # (the number of your USB)
    – clean
    – create partition primary
    – select partition 1
    – active
    – format quick fs=fat32
    – assign

  86. avatar tommy says:

    thanks very much, Michael, after a lot of search, this is the most clear, simple and reliable article I’ve ever found

  87. avatar James says:

    In my case the flash drive had been used previously as XBOX 360 storage. Even after formating it again in Windows the WUDT utility would complain. Your tip solved the issue.

  88. avatar Masse says:

    My experience just so if you don’t get it to work, you don’t have to go mad and pull your hair out:

    I think some sticks just don’t work, no matter what. With two sticks I tried everything mentioned here and then some, but no use. Then, I tried two other sticks and the first one worked right away and the second had to be prepared the way you explained.

  89. avatar Masse says:

    P.S.: Might be coincidence but the really cheap stick and the really expensive stick didn’t work. The two working were in the medium price segment.

  90. avatar spekkio says:

    You are awesome!

  91. avatar chris says:

    nice work – helped with installing windows 8 preview

  92. avatar commenter says:

    Thanks. It would be easy if you wrote commands separately!

  93. Thanks for the hint. It appears the page was rendered incorrectly after the last update. I corrected it now.

  94. avatar Joolz says:

    Works a treat. Getting the unable to copy files error. Tried running through the diskpart steps but would not recognise the USB stick as I was using an XP machine. Tried installing the MS tool on a Win7 machine and retried the steps. After following your series of DISKPART commands the ISO copy tool works perfectly.
    Thaks for fixing a very frustrating problem.

  95. avatar Joolz says:

    Maybe add a note to your instructions that you’ll need a Vista or Win7 machine to be able to perform the commands. Otherwise the earlier comment regarding using the HP tool may be necessary.

  96. avatar jason says:

    thank you so much! you saved my life!
    i have been looking for a solution forever and stressing about it.
    you are the man!

  97. avatar kitoliwa says:

    Great! this really worked. finally. A big thanks!!

  98. avatar Jack says:

    Thank you, this worked like a charm. This is the 2nd time i’ve used this to fix the problem :).

  99. avatar sylee says:

    so after “list disk” i typed “1” for the disk 1 and it brings up the commands.. so i typed “clean” and it says “there is no disk selected. please try again”.. help!

  100. avatar Avira is wrong says:

    Also in my case, WUDT report: “We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again.” I disabled my free antivirus Avira and all worked well (as Rene Treffer written above). Avira blocked a file named “autorun.inf” written on USB stick and everything went wrong from that point.

  101. avatar Adam Ralph says:

    Thanks very much – this solution worked for me perfectly.

  102. avatar John says:

    Thanks for that.
    Got me past an annoying issue.
    Now I’m off to try it out with Server 2008 R2.
    Greatly appreciated.

  103. avatar ordigas says:

    You rock!!!

    Thanks a lot for the advice.

  104. avatar Rocko says:

    Worked! Thanks a ton!

  105. avatar Abdullah Cakmak says:

    Hai dude

    great job i like this 😀
    I hope that people like you multiply..

    thank you…

  106. avatar Tjkl says:

    Nice post, save me! THX!

  107. avatar Rodolfo says:

    I would register if necessary.
    I want to thank you for the tutorial in cmd and why should i even go there

    Thank you

  108. avatar Marcelo from Brazil says:

    Many thanks, you’ve saved my day!!!!!

  109. avatar Lukas says:

    Thanks a lot man , it did work for me haha , I was getting the ” unable to copy ” error , then I used your steps plus disabled the WUDT to format my USB creating a new register in regedit and it finally creates my Win7 Sp1 usb copy :)

  110. avatar Hurfdurf says:

    Thanks a lot. You’re a life saver!

  111. avatar Cargo Cultist says:

    Michael, you’re my new god.

  112. avatar Frozen says:

    If you are displeased with the Microsoft tool, try the Win To Flash tool from:
    it works flawlessly for creating a boot-able Windows install usb drive. It also supports other versions of windows like Vista and XP.

  113. avatar Mark says:

    Worked. Many thanks for sharing this.

  114. avatar clea says:

    Thank you, found this post by googling, and it solved my problem.

  115. avatar Christian says:

    Michael, thx for sharing! Worked like a charm!

  116. avatar serkan says:

    cool verry thx mate

  117. avatar Yuan Yuan says:

    Thanks, the post stopped me from buying a new USB stick.

  118. avatar Atif says:

    Thanks for saving my lot of money which I am going to spend on more DVDs and USB stick.

  119. avatar Dmytri says:

    Greatest! Thanks alot Michael. You not only saved me a lot of time but also $10 on DVDs.

  120. avatar sanso says:

    Dude… _this_ was the best tutorial in a while. Was nearly rippin my hear out. Dunno what happend, suddenly my stuck refused to accept the .iso
    After your instruction it works fine again! Thanks a lot!

  121. avatar J-lihis says:

    Big thanks, tried and tried and tried until found this site.

  122. avatar senky says:

    thanks a lot. Great work man

  123. avatar Ash says:

    Used HP utility and it works Great now… Great post.

  124. avatar sanchonx says:

    Thanks so much for the clear and informative post, this solved my problem!

  125. avatar Jairo Ramírez says:

    I had the same problem. What was strange is that I had installed Win 7 in other computer using the same USB and ISO file; and that I could still do it with another USB. So I formated, checked for errors in the drive, etc. and nothing worked. Then I found your article, and the solution, with the plus of a satisfying explanation of the problem. Thank you very much, my friend!

  126. avatar lostcitizen says:

    Worked like a charm. thanks!!!!!_

  127. avatar Tave says:

    Thank you very much!

  128. avatar Toni says:

    The same problem exact.
    Works perfectly. Fixed.

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    Thanks a lot! That was really helpful.

  130. avatar John says:

    Thanks, greetings from Brazil.

  131. avatar Stefan says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this! Works fine, had the same “unable

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    Perfect! It works perfect! Thank you very much! That was really helpful!

  133. avatar Fatih S. says:

    Thanks! This solution worked perfectly!

  134. avatar ANGGA says:

    Hey, This is totally works! Thanks a lot!

  135. avatar Trueill says:

    Thanks mate. I just bought my USB drive and was gonna return it thinking it was no good. But it totally worked.

  136. avatar adam says:

    Thanks for this soloution to a very annoying problem :)

    have restored my usb stick to work as it should, it worked from new but i dont know what i did to break it.

    thanks again

  137. avatar Wally says:

    Thanks man!!

  138. avatar Necolas says:

    Microsoft is so messed up they can’t develop a simple tool that uses the command-line they created to install an OS they also created IN the environment they created!! 😀 lol

    thanks man, u saved my day…
    i was right to suspect Microsoft and search for the solution online…

  139. avatar Thomas says:

    hello. just tried to do this and i still get the same error. any ideas? bugged Iso or actualy my usb stick done its share of work for this lifetime?

    thanks for a great post.

  140. avatar Chris Smith says:

    Thanks – this worked perfectly for the Windows 8 developer preview image preparation as well. Much appreciated!

  141. avatar Darren says:

    I could not get this to work, I kept getting the same error. So I used this:

    Where it asks for your iso type, scroll way down to the bottom where it says Windows 7 and click that.

    Follow directions. Wait. Boom.

  142. avatar Chad says:

    Worked! Every drive I tried to install the windows 8 pre-release refused to work. I tried 3 different drives and kept getting errors. As soon as I tried this method it finally worked. I am now installing Windows on my tablet! It’s odd that Microsoft never added the clean option to that program.

  143. avatar Brodie says:

    Thanks, this worked for me.

  144. avatar rigidkitchen says:

    A big thank you – first result on google, and worked. Much appreciated.

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    maestraso me solucionaste la vida muchas gracias

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    Thanks, it works perfectly. After hours “googleing” the first good advice.

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    10x man! work like a charm

  148. avatar Kevin says:

    Mate, I’ve just got to say, this saved my butt. I am trying the same tool with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and couldn’t figure out why it won’t copy. Thanks!

  149. avatar user says:

    when i type list disk it show only my pc disk and there no usb why is this happening?

  150. avatar Arpadarpa says:

    You saved my day. THX! :)

  151. avatar Branimir Bonev says:

    The clean command really did the trick for me. Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks a lot.just solved my problem.appreciated.

  154. avatar Not Sure says:

    Saved the day! Thanks a lot. I’ve used WUDT a few times before and it worked, then all of a sudden it didn’t. I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what was wrong… I’ve formatted and reformatted to no avail. Then I came across this post and all the positive responses so I had to try it.
    It worked, thanks again.

  155. avatar tony says:

    thank you micheal.

  156. avatar Asif Khan says:

    thank a lot bro it worked for me
    you rock

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    Thank you very much for this! It was quite helpful ^^

  158. avatar A humble fan says:

    Problem solved! – thank you a bunch! And wow.. What a crucial bug in WUDT..

  159. avatar crysis2006 says:

    Thank heavens I found this article, just like one of the guys here said about plugging the pen drive in the xbox 360 it’s true. I had it in when I was having a Gears of War 3 marathon between two places, so I used my flash drive for my saves. When using this tool to use it for WUDT, it just would not budge. This guide did the trick, but I did have to use the HP USB Format Tool since even DISKPART was telling me “Well your USB is in a pickle right now so…NOPE”.

    But after using the HP tool and then WUDT, life was good again. My laptop is finally ready for a trip to Windows 7!

    MANY thanks for the guide and to the peoples comments with helpful pointers!

  160. avatar Janio says:

    Tank you so much, man. You save me.

  161. Thanx a lot . btw. i killed the autostartprocess under avirafirewall and after that it works perfectly. MANY MANY Thanx again and have a good day

  162. avatar Dammer3 says:

    Thanks I was about to bash my head into my screen trying to set up a boot drive to throw some SSDs in!

  163. avatar Jussi Palo says:

    Thanks, your instructions helped.

  164. avatar Aret says:

    Avira was the culprit for me as well.
    Just disable the real time protection by right clicking the icon near the clock and you’re good if that’s what is causing it on your system.

  165. avatar Roy says:

    Thank you very much… :)

  166. avatar jarno says:

    Thanks :) It worked for me also.

  167. avatar JohnO says:

    Greetings, and thanks for the instructions–they were awesome for a computer-illiterate person! After completing the file copy, I got a message saying that the files was copied…”however, drive is not bootable”. Hmm… any suggestions? I’m hoping to install W7 to my new SSD. Thanks!

  168. avatar Vinay says:

    thank you sir

  169. avatar Nibbels says:

    Hello, In my case Antivir blocked the “autorun.inf” that did prevent this MS-Tool from working.

    I also did format my USB to Fat32 first.

  170. avatar Paschalis says:

    HI! I got a problem: list disk doesn’t show my USB Stick.
    When I enter command list volume it’s there. If it doesn’t show in the list I can’t select it and other subsequent commands won’t apply. Does anyone know what the problem is?
    Oh yeah, almost forgot. My USB stick is Kingston DataTraveler 4 GB. I’m running WinXP Sp3.


  171. avatar Trend AV says:

    For me it was my antivirus software. The WUDT log file was filled with this message: “Error during backup., Usb; Access to the path ‘X:\autorun.inf’ is denied.”. I disabled my Trend Micro AV and it worked like a charm!

    The logfile can be found @ Users\\AppData\Local\Apps\Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool\Log

  172. avatar Vince says:

    Thanks so much! :)

  173. avatar Anuvrat1 says:

    thnx man it worked

  174. avatar David says:

    Thanks a lot for this post! Helped me out a lot 😀

  175. avatar Star says:

    I used bootsect /nt60 X: /mbr /force

  176. avatar Paschalis says:

    1. My AVG antivirus is turned off.
    2. Format with FAT32.
    3. Run BOOTSECT X: /nt60 /mbr /force
    4. Tried Acronis Disk Director to format & modify partitions.

    Above steps have been tried and still DISKPART didn’t show my USB stick. Therefore, I can’t proceed with CLEAN command.

    What seems to be the problem?

    Please help. Thank you.

  177. avatar Luke Frost says:

    Brilliant post. Had this exact problem, knew it couldn’t be the USB drive or the ISO. Originally tried formatting the drive through the GUI format utility built into Windows, but still didn’t work.

    Couldn’t work out what was wrong.. This worked perfectly, thanks!


  178. avatar kirilos says:

    Thanks a ton,helped me out when i thought i was doomed.
    Great job.

  179. avatar Mr. nice says:

    deactivate the Virusprogramms@start the Windows 7 USB/DVD

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    Unfortunately, the disk part did not work either. The format quick fs=fast32 resulted in a incompatible file system error.

    Simpler solution for me: Use Windows Explorer to format USB Stick with FAT32 (which works interestingly), then start Windows Download Tool again. Now works fine.

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    At this point without a disc, I was super frustrated when I couldn’t save to the USB, but am happy that someone knows what they are doing and is willing to help others.

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    One tip: run everything as admin mode for this.

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  333. Sujay, you can try Rufus. I also wouldn’t rule out that your USB stick is broken.

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    Greetings from Mars

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