windows-7-logo As expected, the number one topic in the Windows blogosphere is Windows 7. As I write this, about 30 or 40 Windows 7 articles have shown up in my RSS reader. In this post, I will just link to the best ones which will save you some time if you want to inform yourself about Microsoft’s new operating system.

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Windows 7 Reviewer’s Guide - A First Look at Windows 7 (PDF) (not available at the moment)

This is the most comprehensive article about Windows 7. Microsoft explains all its new features on 119 pages.

Windows 7 At-A-Glance (PDF)

If you don’t have the time now to read about all the details, check out this short version, which has only 19 pages.

Windows 7 for the Enterprise

This Microsoft site lists all features that are relevant for enterprise customers. The heading at the top mentions Windows Vista which makes it appear as if Windows 7 is just a new release of Vista. I doubt that this was Microsoft’s intention, but it is probably correct, anyway.

Windows 7 Preview - Part 1: Let's Just Pretend Vista Never Happened, Shall We?

Windows 7 Preview - Part 2: Desktop Enhancements

Windows 7 Preview - Part 3: Explorer and Networking

Paul Thurrott wrote an interesting series about Windows 7. The beginning of the first articles expresses what many Windows 7 reviewers probably think these days: “Windows 7 is Windows Vista done right.”

Windows 7 features include management tools for administrators

This is only a short article at, but it contains discussions on some features that are of interest for Windows admins. Most interesting is AppLocker which enables admins to determine which applications are allowed. I think I will have a look at this new feature soon.

A Close Look At The New Windows 7 Taskbar

The new taskbar is one of the prominent changes of Windows 7. This article at Windows 7 News discusses this new feature in detail.

Windows 7: Looking ahead at PDC

This article was written before the PDC started, but it is, nevertheless, quite an interesting commentary about Windows.

Windows 7 will not fix UAC problems, says vendor

I wrote about the changes in Windows 7 UAC before, and I have to agree with the contents of this article. Windows 7 improves UAC, but there is still a lot to be done.

Microsoft Windows 7 Pre Beta M3 Build 6801 (PDC2008) Screenshots

If you have been using Vista for some time, you will certainly recognize the changes of the user interface, immediately. If you are an XP user, you will probably say that Windows 7 just looks like Vista.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Overview Feature Overview

You’ve probably heard that Windows 7 server will be called Windows Server 2008 R2. outlines the new features.

Post PDC Keynote: What are people saying about Windows 7?

The Windows Experience Blog collected a couple of reactions to Windows 7. Since it is a Microsoft blog, you can’t really expect critical comments there. However, I can confirm that most of the articles I have read so far are quite positive

You’ve got Windows 7 questions, I’ve got answers

Ed Bott outlines his views about the new user interface, the improved performance, and the new features for corporate customers.

This interview with Mark Russinovich is only for specialists since it is highly technical.

Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7

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Did you read another interesting article about Window 7? Please leave a comment with the link.

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