windows_7_logo Networkworld learned that Microsoft plans to release Windows 7 in or near January 2010. It seems as if Microsoft is preparing a new paper titled “An Update on the Windows Roadmap” for enterprise and business customers. (Update: the paper is available now.) If Microsoft can keep this date, then Windows 7 would already be available in 18 months. I must admit I have serious doubt that this schedule is trustworthy. I mean there is not even a beta available. All we saw are some nice videos about multi-touch. Nobody knows what other features Windows 7 might bring. Is it really possible that Microsoft managed to keep the development of a new operating system under wraps this time?

On the other hand, it makes sense to release Windows 7 as soon as possible just to get rid of Vista’s bad image. However, one thing is for sure, if Windows 7 really comes in 18 months, then it will just be Windows Vista SP1 with some new gimmicks such as multi-touch. It is hard to believe that Microsoft is able to introduce those fundamental changes of the Windows core that occupied a large part of the discussion about Windows 7 in such a short time. I am talking about this micro kernel and the new modular structure. If we are lucky, then we will also see some better integration with Windows Live.

Windows_7_Mulit-TouchI think that Microsoft learned a lesson with Vista. They realized that the tremendous changes that Vista brought didn’t receive applause because only tech savvy people value them. A new micro kernel would be just like Vista’s new security model. Most consumers and also many IT decision makers in enterprises undervalue it because they don’t see an immediate benefit. Would your ma be excited about a micro kernel? I guess not. But she probably would consider multi-touch as a real innovation because it allows her to play nicely with the pictures of her grand children. And why does every IT Manager want an iPhone? Because it is technically better than the other smart phones? Not really. The gimmicks and the style count.

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So it seems to me that Microsoft decided to wrap Windows Vista in stylish paper add some gimmicks and sell it as Windows 7.

  1. Lukas Beeler 15 years ago

    Just like XP was a refined 2k with gimmicks and consumer features added… And XP came out just a bit after 2k.

  2. Lukas, you’re right in a way this is comparable. However, the difference is that Windows 2000 was slapped for other reasons than Vista. If I remember it right, journalists complained that Windows 2000 is too fat and therefore unstable.

  3. Jan Ivar Beddari 15 years ago

    Yeah I also remember 2000 was said to be “too fat” and the IE “active desktop” integration was bashed, I remember hacks to run the win95 explorer.exe hehe. Seems like peanuts nowadays.

    From what I can gather over the past few years of vista-coverage and Microsofts plans to release more often I think you might be right about what we will see Michael, changes this time around will be fewer.

    What I’m dreaming about is that MS learns from the way linux distros install themselves (yea, hahaha) and go with a new installer that lets you select what features you want on a whole new level than before. As an IT pro, imagine being able to install a seriously cut-down version of Vista with all the under-the-hood stuff thats great ..

    I hope MS learn that computing today isn’t what it was when XP was released. XP was special in that it could satisfy (over time) the needs of both businesses and home users. Vista can’t as easily, to date, and they need to adress this asap.

  4. Jan, I think Microsoft learned this already from Linux distros. Sooner or later you will get this installer you have in mind. I think these talks about the mini kernel and about more modularization in Windows 7 indicate that MS is going in this direction. However, this is not easy to accomplish. So I doubt somehow that it will already come with Windows 7.

  5. A, m-d 14 years ago

    in fact i heard that it isnt actually windows 7 at all it is windows 6.1 offically. So really it is just vista. i think microsoft have done that before as well if you cont up all the versions excuding windows 7 it actually gets you to 8. they must have done it before.

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