Did this ever happen to you? You wanted to install a new program, only to realize that there is not enough disk space left. I guess, it did. Or how about some users misusing your good-naturedness and overloading your file servers? WinDirStat is a free tool that enables you to get an overview of the disk usage of a hard disk or a network share. It shows you what folders and files are occupying much disk space. This way you can locate the worst sinners in your network or you can find files you want delete to get more space.

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WinDirStatIf you use Windows Explorer to locate files using much disk space, it can be quite time-consuming. You have to navigate to subfolders to find those files occupying most of the space. WinDirStat displays all files in a treemap, a graphical presentation of the occupied space on the selected disks (see screenshot). The bigger a file or folder is, the bigger is the rectangle that represents it. If you click on the rectangle, WinDirStat will open the directory list in its Explorer-like interface.

This enables you to locate big files and folders deeply hidden in the directory tree. WinDirStat displays file types with different colors. This allows you to find files that you can delete faster. You can also open a file or run an executable directly from WinDirStat like in Windows Explorer if you are not sure about its contents or purpose.

Another nice feature of WinDirStat is that it is able to sort folders based on the occupied disk space of its contents. Thereby, it also takes all subfolders into account. This feature is very useful to locate the aforementioned sinners. Just go to the network share where your users store their files and you immediately get a ranking of the worst space squanderers.

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WinDirStat has some more features. So, if you often have to struggle with disk space, you should have a look at this nifty, free tool.

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    Lukas Beeler 17 years ago

    Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with JAM Software – i’m just using their product.

    There’s Treesize Free, which offers similar functionality (and doesn’t require installation, which is a very good thing.

    They also offer a “for sale” version, with more features.

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    Andy 17 years ago

    windirstat also doesnt need installing – just extract the zip file to a directory and run it from there. The only thing I’ve not been able to do with windirstat (yet) is to select all the .tmp file and then delete them all in one go. It is amazing to see how many of those files exist, but frustrating to not be able to delete them (without writing a macro)

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    Olexandr 17 years ago

    OK, these utilites are really fine. But mine is of no doubt the least one of them in his size. The Dirlot – folder size report diagram. (Shameless bragging 🙂

  4. Avatar
    absquatulate 17 years ago

    WinDirStat, while stand alone, could do with filepacking: it requires 9 of its own DLLs 🙁

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