Your Wi-Fi isn't working? When it comes to building out, configuring, and troubleshooting a wireless network, there are valuable tools that help with all three of these tasks. Utilities that allow you to analyze wireless networks are called Wi-Fi stumblers.

Many users may power on a Wi-Fi access point, create an SSID, and assume they are good to go. However, blindly provisioning wireless access can lead to poor connectivity, poor performance, and other problems.

Issues are often related to:

  • Nearby competing Wi-Fi networks
  • Overpowered access points
  • Access points provisioned on the same wireless band
  • Unknown devices that may be transmitting wireless access
  • Weak wireless signal or "dead spots"

The above list mentions only a few of the issues that can happen when configuring a new wireless network or troubleshooting an existing wireless configuration.

What is a Wi-Fi stumbler?

A Wi-Fi stumbler is a Wi-Fi analyzer that provides meaningful details about nearby wireless networks. They can be loaded on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and IOS devices.

There are also commercial hardware implementations of Wi-Fi stumblers, which are dedicated devices that organizations may have on hand for network professionals.

Cybersecurity experts and hackers may use Wi-Fi stumblers to detect wireless networks, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and other characteristics. They can also be used for wardriving (driving around looking for weak or vulnerable Wi-Fi networks).

Free Wi-Fi stumblers

While you can purchase commercial Wi-Fi stumbler devices, many free Wi-Fi analyzing tools are readily available for download. Let's look at the following tools:

  • Kismet
  • NetSpot
  • Vistumbler
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer
  • NetStumbler


Kismet is an open-source wireless stumbler solution that can also serve as a wireless network stumbler. It can work with Wi-Fi network interfaces, Bluetooth, and even software-defined radio hardware. It is a Unix-centric solution that is available for Linux and OSX. In addition, it is said to be compatible with Windows 10/11 running WSL.

Kismet wireless stumbler

Kismet wireless stumbler

Learn more about Kismet and download it here.


NetSpot is a professional utility that offers many capabilities, including Wi-Fi analysis and troubleshooting, visual graphs, and details, including channels, frequencies, and other information. In addition, you can see the security mode used, signal strength, SSID (hidden and visible), and signal averages.

It is also available cross-platform for download on macOS and Windows. In addition, Android, and IOS apps are available from the respective app stores.

NetSpot Wi Fi stumbler network discovery

NetSpot Wi Fi stumbler network discovery

You can download NetSpot here.


Vistumbler is an open-source solution that provides a visual representation of wireless networks. You can see Mac addresses, SSIDs, signal strength, RSSI, channel, authentication configuration, encryption, etc. The tool also offers the ability to use GPS data to show more accurate representations of wireless networks and access point details.

Vistumbler Wi Fi stumbler utility

Vistumbler Wi Fi stumbler utility

Download Vistumbler here.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Many prefer to use their mobile phone to analyze wireless networks. All you need is an application to turn it into a Wi-Fi stumbler troubleshooting and discovery tool.

One such app that is widely known for Android is Wi-Fi Analyzer. When you launch the app, it will use the wireless adapter in your Android mobile device to discover nearby networks. In addition, it provides a nice UI to visualize the access points in the area, channels, signal strength, and many other characteristics, such as overlapping APs.

Wi Fi Analyzer Android app

Wi Fi Analyzer Android app

Download Wi-Fi Analyzer here.


NetStumbler is a simple and easy-to-use utility that provides core functionality, including signal discovery, access point enumeration, continuous scanning, and GPS data. It works with 802.11a/b/g, but may not support newer Wi-Fi standards.

NetStumbler Wi Fi stumbler utility for Windows 1

NetStumbler Wi Fi stumbler utility for Windows 1

Learn more about and download NetStumbler here.

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Concluding thoughts

If your Wi-Fi is not working, your day might be ruined. Wi-Fi stumblers are unique Wi-Fi analyzing tools that provide the tools needed for visibility and troubleshooting. They allow seeing nearby wireless networks, tweaking bands, finding dead spots, and discovering rogue access points or wireless-enabled devices that may be causing issues.

  1. Avatar

    I could also recommend:
    – Wi-Fi Sweetspots (iOS, Android) – can measure the throughput between the device and connected AP
    – NirSoft WifiInfoView (Windows) – Wifi scanner that shows all needed info like signal quality, RSSI, etc..

    Cheers L

    • Avatar

      I personally like the WifiInfoView as it gives extensive information about wireless networks. Will definitely try the Wi-Fi SweetSpots app.
      Thank you for the recommendation, Leos.

    • Avatar

      NirSoft WifiInfoView is part of my IT Swiss Army tool…

    • Avatar
      BentChainring 1 year ago

      Definitely would agree and recommend WiFi-Sweetspots (iOS,Andr)

  2. Avatar

    Maybe also worth to mention Net Analyzer phone app. Gives basic Ip info about network, can quickly scan current network or ping specific Ip.
    Not a tailored wifi tool, but definitely handy for quick analysis via phone.

  3. Avatar
    bgavin 1 year ago

    An alternative is loading the Airport Utility which is freeware from the Apple store for iPhone. This is a dBm meter that displays all the channels it can see by SSID and channel number, and signal strength in dBm.

    I understand there is an alternate version for Android.
    This turns your phone into a portable / handheld meter that is not confined to a desktop.

  4. Avatar
    Frank Godek Frank 1 year ago

    Does anyone know of a utility that will show Passpoint/HotSpot 2.0 ANQP beacon info that’s being broadcast by an AP?

  5. Avatar
    Alex 1 year ago

    NetSpot is designed to work with the WiPry2500x scanner hardware. Therfore its not very useful if you don’t have one of those.

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