I wasn't sure if I should blog about this. You probably wouldn't find such a post in a traditional publication. But, I think, this is one of the differences between blogging and publishing. Blogging is something personal, whereas publishing is mostly about delivering information.

Traditional media still try to distinguish between objective information and subjective commentary. I never believed that this is really possible, anyway. Bloggers usually don't care about distinction and that is why it is important to know more about the person who is behind a blog.

My original about page was a bit too brief. I finally managed to extend it a little. Ah by the way, the contents of my about page is subjective, too. 😉

  1. Leonardo 15 years ago

    I can appreciate the “from the hip” style, as it suits me attention span .

  2. Aaron 15 years ago

    I’m enjoying the read, but would you consider publishing full content in your RSS feeds? It would be great to not have to visit the site to read the full content.

  3. Michael Pietroforte 15 years ago

    Leonardo, I prefer this style for the same reason. That’s why I read my favorite blogs first. Only if there is some time left I check traditional news sites.

    Aaron, that’s funny. I just switched to full-text feeds an hour ago. I guess you use an online reader which wasn’t updated yet. So you will see it only when I will post another article.

  4. Aaron 15 years ago

    Thanks for making the change to full content feeds, much appreciated.

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