Update: Please use the new form to submit a free Windows admin tool.

I would like to create a list of the best free tools for Windows administrators. For this, I need your help. My own list is probably not representative and I am sure there are many great utilities I have never heard of. So if you know one or two great admin tools and you can spare a little of your precious time, then you could fill out the form below. Every tool will be listed as soon I had to time to check if the submission isn't just SPAM.

Only two conditions have to be met: the tool should be free and it should be useful for Windows administration. Please don't submit tools that are only free for a limited time.

Three fields of the form below are required: Your name, the name of the utility and the URL of its homepage. It would be great if you also can add a short description. If you have a blog, then you can submit its address, too. It will be displayed on the list.

Later, I plan start a poll to let you all vote for the tools submitted. It would be interesting to know which tool comes out as the number one free Windows admin tool.

Top rated free admin tools | All free admin tools with description

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Update: Please use the new form to submit a free Windows admin tool.

  1. Riccardo 15 years ago

    Great post.

  2. Erick 12 years ago

    Free Network Management Software


  3. Eugene 11 years ago

    My favourite network and application monitoring tool (free)


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