visual-subst Associating directories with drive letters is useful if you have to access a certain folder, frequently. Visual Subst is the free GUI version of the command line tool subst that allows you to map a folder to a drive letter. Although the new Favorites pane in Vista and Windows 7 serves more or less the same purpose in Windows Explorer, this pane is not useful for mapping drives if you are working with the command prompt. Visual Subst can also be helpful if you are still working with Windows XP or if you are using legacy applications that don't use the default file dialog API. Since Visual Subst allows you to store its settings, your folder drive mappings will still be available after a restart.

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  1. Hank Arnold 14 years ago

    I’m confused as to why this is better than “Net use ……”

    Hank Arnold (MVP)

  2. Doesn’t net use only work for network shares? Visual Subst is an alternative to the command line tool subst. Besides, I usually prefer a tool with a GUI.

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