This is what you get when you enter "xcopy /?" on a Vista command prompt. Of course, you can still use xcopy, but it isn't wrong to move to Robocopy now. It has many interesting features.

Most important, I think, is the fact that it can resume where it previously left off whenever the copy process is somehow cancelled. I also like the fact that it can synchronize two folders. Please, check out this Wikipedia article for a list of other important features.

Robocopy is certainly a better tool than xcopy. I just wonder why Microsoft didn't just enhance xopy with its features. Countless scripts will have to be rewritten if xcopy is not supported in the future, anymore.

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Via Matt Pietrek
(PS: I was surprised, too)

  1. Greg Muir 15 years ago

    Yeah, the way they’re doing it is stupid. But robocopy is so good, who cares? The synchronizing feature is great but what is also completely awesome is the ability to throttle the transfer rate. I do all my remote backups this way, screw symantec and their ruination of veritas. Just let the sucker run overnight and you can backup the world.

  2. mardah 12 years ago

    i have been trying to copy my files the who freaking day and i can’t seem to copy them into my external hard drive and i have IMPORTANT FILES that I NEED!!!!! and im not trying to reformat my drive with my files on it, I NEED THEM BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my vista keeps crashing before the log in, and it crashes trying to go on safe mode, i dont know what to doooo, someone help me!!!!!

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