The new release of Service Pack 1 for Vista that has been available for some days already for the more privileged beta testers can now be downloaded via Windows Update. As usual, you have to download a script first. It adds some registry keys which will make SP1 visible at Windows Update. Note that you have to uninstall prior versions of this SP. Also note that you will have to do the same when the final of Service Pack 1 comes out.

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I installed it on a test machine which hasn't been online for some time. So I had to install some updates, first. The new SP was displayed only after 2 days. Even clicking on "Check for updates" multiple times didn't help. I find this method of installing software for testing quite cumbersome. Why doesn't Microsoft just offer an exe?

Vista SP1 RC1 Refresh

It seems that Microsoft will be able to stick to the schedule and release Vista SP1 at the end of February. There are rumors that there will be no new release candidate for Windows Server 2008, anymore. That could be another hint that SP1 will become available soon because it is believed that it will be released together with Server 2008. I have been playing with Server 2008 for quite a while now and it made a very stable impression on me. At least, if I compare it with the beta versions of Vista.

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  1. Peder Vendelbo Mikkelsen 16 years ago

    According to Bink W2K8 could RTM this week:

    Nullsession, who are part of the TAP, confirms Binks article:

    I look forward to implementing the features in W2K8 eventhough it’s going to be a lot of work.

  2. Thanks for the information. I am also reading Bink, but I somehow missed this post.

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