Some days ago, I promised to write about the different ways of elevating an application, i.e. to run it with Administrator privileges in Windows Vista. If you use Vista already, you have probably noticed these UAC (User Account Control) prompts. Every time you start an application requiring Administrator rights, UAC will bug you with this message: "Windows needs your permission to continue".

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Only if you see this pop-up an app will use a user's full administrator access token. If you don't get this UAC prompt that means the application won't run with Administrator privileges even if you logged on as a user belonging to the Administrator group. Vista does this automatically for UAC compliant tools. However, with legacy applications Vista often fails to detect if Administrator privileges are required. Please, read my post about elevated applications in Windows Vista for more details. In those cases where Vista's detection mechanism fails, you have to make sure by yourself that an app will run with the required rights.

If you want to play with this elevation thing, you can create a batch file which copies a file to C:\Windows. Only if you start this batch file as an elevated application will it be able to copy the file to its destination. So far I know eight ways to elevate an application that would run it with Administrator privileges:

1. Run as administrator

You can just right click on the tool and select "Run as administrator". This is not very convenient, if you have to do this with all administration tools you use daily.


Another way is to hit the Windows key, type in the name of the program, and then start it with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

3. Marking the application with "Run this program as Administrator"

You can mark the tools needing Administrator privileges: Open file properties, go to Compatibility, and select the "Run this program as Administrator" check box.

4. Command Prompt

You can also start an applications at an elevated execution level from an elevated command prompt. In this case, the UAC pop-up doesn't even bug you.

5. Start the application from another elevated application

You can try this with the Windows Task Manager. Go to C:\Windows\System32 using the Windows Explorer and right click on taskmgr.exe. Select "Run as administrator". Since the Task Manager is now running as an elevated application, you can start any other app with Administrator rights with it. Click on "File" in the Menu and then select "New Task (Run...)"

6. Use Group Policy or the Windows Registry to mark applications

This option is useful if you want to mark applications with a requested execution level for the whole Windows Domain. For this you have to create a registry entry under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers\<path_to_executable>

The value of this entry has to be RUNASADMIN. If you want to use Group Policy to mark one or multiple apps this way, you have to create your own ADMX file.

7. Manifest file

I've read on several sites that it is possible to automatically start an application at an elevated level, if there is a so-called manifest file in the same folder. I tried it with some legacy applications, but it didn't work. I didn't try too long, though. I suppose, this is not a feasible option for sys admins, anyway.

Update: I found another way to elevate a Vista application: You have to add a task to the Task Scheduler and configure it to "run with highest privileges". Then you create a shortcut on your desktop referring to this task. has a detailed description.

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Unfortunately, most of the ways described here won't prevent these UAC pop-ups from getting on your nerves (Microsoft calls this "Secure Desktop Prompting"). In a future post I will show you how to get rid of them, and why this will improve security.

  1. Avatar
    James 17 years ago

    I’m suprised there is not an executable similar to “runas”.

    IE i would like to be able to do this;

    UAC /run: c:\temp\myapp.exe

    This would then cause the UAC dialog to appear and then run my app.

  2. Avatar
    Maria 17 years ago

    It’s really a headache trying to run Explorer.exe in Administrative mode… I can’t even create a new file in the normal user mode!

  3. Avatar
    Jeff 16 years ago

    I need to deploy an app that modifies the install dir under Program Files.

    Is there an automated way to configure a shortcut to run it’s application in admin mode?

  4. Avatar
    Angel 16 years ago

    None of those applications worked for me..Everytime I tired to run it under adm.’s privilege it just restarted my computer

  5. Avatar

    Angel, I suppose your application is just not Vista ready.

  6. Avatar
    Ancat 16 years ago

    I log in as a standard user but now want to edit a file in the global Program Files folder. I cannot save after edit because I will not have the right. Is there anyway to open the file with elevated privileges? Or elevate this user to Admin rights for sometime..

  7. Avatar

    Ancat, you have to open this file with an elevated editor such as notepad first. So right click on notepad, navigate to “Run as administrator” and then enter the password for one of the admins that UAC displays. Now you can edit files in the Program Files folder with this instance of notepad.

  8. Avatar
    srinivas 16 years ago

    wonderful step ! Really appreciate.. Registry edit worked well.

  9. Avatar
    yuval 16 years ago

    I’ve edited the “layers” reg key and it does affect the check box in the Compatibility tab of the file. But it didn’t act the same as if I modified the checkbox in that tab.
    Probably something else is still requiered besides adding RUNASADMIN to this regkey.
    Any idea ?


  10. Avatar
    nn 15 years ago

    I’d like to run a program without granting it administrative rights. The program was written for XP. Vista marks the program with shield icon and asks for elevated rights in order to run it, but I actually I don’t want to provide the elevated rights. I understand that with administrative credentials the program will not be 100% functional under Vista, but I’m fine with it. I prefer to run it with limited functionality instead of not running it at all, or running it as an admin.

  11. Avatar
    Jamie 15 years ago

    What I found for VB 6 legacy applications and the UAC is to create an installer and allow the dll’s and ocx files that did not ship with Vista to install to a common file folder. Vista then copies it over to the system 32 folder and registers them properly with the UAC intact. Since I use access as a backend database it does copy the database to the virtual store so I had to caution users to delete that file but not the folder.
    So far the common file folder helped me alot. I noticed that anything that says setup.exe also prompts for the elevated permsissions level. But setup.exe is too generic for most people to use.

  12. Avatar
    farrel 14 years ago

    i have try the 3 and 4 mehod to run a rosetta stone dvd on my laptop o/s vista.

  13. Avatar

    You can use Elevate as well. This works quite well.

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    Spectacular Computer Repair
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  14. Avatar
    Allan Sutton 14 years ago

    Trying to load in files for applications such as video cameras is a nightmare. I’m sorely tempted to bin Vista and go back to good old reliable XP. Does anyone else feel the same?

  15. Avatar
    Digitizer 14 years ago

    You may use this sudo.exe app (thanks linux) to run any program elevated.
    This is a few lines in C++ but works fine for me

  16. Avatar
    Rob Mahn 14 years ago

    Item 4 in the document is obscured by an advertisement that cannot be moved.

  17. Avatar
    Carolina 13 years ago

    I’m developing a VB6 application and I had to ask each final user to right-click on the shortcut, press Properties, go to Compatibility tab and mark “Run as administrator” check box. That is the way I found to run my application on Win7 without any problem.

  18. Avatar
    Arun vasanth 13 years ago

    The registry work fine in my application, i need to call the application via shell command that needs to run the exe with administrator (copy files to c dir)with out any prompt.
    Thanks a lot

  19. Avatar
    Mariem 13 years ago

    I use a simple tool elevate.exe on to run applications, cmd or explorer with higher privileges.
    elevate cmd.exe
    elevate explorer.exe

  20. Avatar
    TheThing 13 years ago

    I wrote a bat file that creates some vbscript to envoke the usual dialogue asking the user for elevated privileges to continue, and then continues the batch file with admin access. I put an example here. It’s dead simple to do, I hope it helps some…

  21. Avatar
    arghhvista 12 years ago

    ehh… i just want to create a batch to open taskmgr in elevated rights in 1 click and yeah.. first i had to make explorer.exe an elevated process by default. so i took ownership of it of it through many obstacles and then took full control over it and THEN was able to make it an elevated process by default… ugh vista is so fken bad.

  22. Avatar
    arghhvista 12 years ago

    oops! im wrong… as it is vista… i need special permissions which are not available to me SO i cant mark it as run as admin…

  23. Avatar
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  24. Avatar
    Wise man 11 years ago

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