Before I was just upset by these concentration destroying UAC pop-ups. When I played these past days with the OS Deployment Feature Pack of SMS 2003 SP2 and Vista, I encountered a new "nice feature" of UAC. If you are a sysop, you'll probably have a lot of fun with this in the near future.

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First of all, I should note that the OSD Feature Pack is a Microsoft application that officially supports Vista. So it is not just some badly programmed third-party freeware which was originally developed for Windows 95 or so.

The funny thing is, if you just follow the instructions in the manual, you will fail. On a Windows XP machine, you would just have inserted the OSD Feature Pack Capture CD to create a master image on your reference computer. The SMS 2003 Image Capture Wizard starts automatically and guides you thru the configuration steps.

With Vista, things are a bit different. Vista's AutoPlay popped up when I inserted the CD offering to start OSDRUN. However, when I accepted to run it, nothing happened. Okay, the Capture CD is not up-to-date yet, so I started the OSDRUN manually from the CD.

Sorry, but it is not that easy. When I clicked on it, I just got a run time error. My next try was to start the OSDICW application on the Capture CD. Now, the wizard guided me thru the setup process as I know it from Windows XP. After painstakingly answering the wizard's questions, I ended up with "Unable to assign SMS client".

After all my experiences with SMS 2003 SP2 and Vista, I just thought, okay, you have to wait for SMS 2003 SP3. Obviously, SMS 2003 doesn't really support Vista yet. But then, I remembered my good old friend UAC. I started OSDICW again by right clicking on it and choosing "Run as administrator". You won't believe it, but this time it worked.

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Now, you might ask, why UAC didn't pop-up as usual when Administrator privileges were required? I mean, UAC gets on my nerves all day, why didn't it disturb me this time when it really would have been necessary? The answer to this question is quite important for every Windows administrator. That's why, I want to elaborate on it in a future post

  1. syaiful 16 years ago

    l got problem with my pc windows vista l can´t install any programs/softwares becouse need permision user accout control in this case my uac was disable l cant´t click ök¨the ök¨was gone only ¨cancel¨avaiable so what sould i do

  2. Mongoose 16 years ago

    OK thanks for the info. It helped me in a sticky situation…

    Now all I have to do is stop OSDICW from crashing when I hit finish.

    Any ideas on how or why this is happening?

  3. syaiful 16 years ago

    l din”t remember what l”v done may be l’ve already intalled any program which need accessing google when restart

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