I just stumbled across TweakUAC, a nifty free tool that allows you to turn off UAC faster than with Vista's onboard method. What is so useful about this utility is that you can also disable and enable UAC Prompts with it.

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Turning off Vista UAC via the Control Panel is a bit longwinded. With TweakUAC, you can do this much faster. You just have to launch the tool with a mouse click.


You can also only turn off the UAC prompts with TweakUAC. This is not only more secure than disabling UAC altogether, you also spare the reboot. So if you have to do some admin work on a Vista machine, you can just turn off the UAC prompts and re-enable it when you are done with your work.

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This tool is also useful for checking the UAC status on a Vista machine. You can just put it onto your memory stick, so you always have it with you.

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  3. Louie G 13 years ago

    I've had Vista now for 11 months without a single problem. TweakUAC is a part of the reason why. A great freeware product!


  4. Spacegold 13 years ago

    Help me out a little here. What is UAC without the prompts? Does it do anything without them? I would like to be able to tag my trusted programs with a free pass, but otherwise keep UAC running. Does this program do that? And UAC is simple to turn off in Control Panel.


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