Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

In Windows 10 build 9926 (January build), Microsoft removed the ability to turn off Automatic Updates. The registry setting that allowed you to disable Windows Update in the previous build of Windows 10 no longer works. However, it is still possible to deactivate Automatic Updates.
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Update: This article about the Preview version of Windows 10. In the final release things are different. Please read my new articles about the topic:

Stop automatic updates in Windows 10 RTM (build 10240)

Disable Windows 10 Update in the Registry and with PowerShell

If you read my recent blog post, you know that I support an aggressive update policy. However, I also think that forcing users to download updates is a very bad idea, even in a Technical Preview. I hope Microsoft will offer the option to disable Windows Update entirely in Windows 10 RTM. I don’t want to go into arguments again; let’s just discuss the options we have to get rid of the Automatic Updates.

If you are searching for the Windows Update applet in the old Control Panel, you will search in vain. Windows Update is now available only as a modern app (should I really call this a Windows Store app?). (Update: There is a way to bring back the old Update applet. See end of text.) You can find it by typing “windows update” in the new search box on the Windows taskbar. To change the update behavior, you have to click Advanced options.

Windows Update in Windows 10 build 9926

Windows Update in Windows 10 build 9926

Windows Update applet in Control Panel missing ^

It appears Microsoft is fiercely determined to force Windows 10 users to always install the latest updates. The latest build, 9926, only offers two update options: Automatic (recommended) and Notify to schedule restart. The latter option won’t download updates over a metered connection, and you will be asked to schedule a restart to finish installing updates.

Advanced Windows Update options

Advanced Windows Update options

Changing the network settings to turn off updates ^

The easiest way to turn off Automatic Updates is to simply unplug the network cable or, if you are testing in a virtual environment, to assign the virtual network adapter to an internal network. If you want to access the Internet with your Windows 10 machine, this option is not really the one you want.

If you connect your Windows machine through a WiFi network, you can set the connection to a metered connection. (Click the network symbol in the systray and then right-click the connection.) This should prevent Windows 10 from downloading updates. A downside of this method is that it will affect the behavior of other applications, such as OneDrive.

The registry hack I outlined in a previous post no longer works. The corresponding registry settings are still available; however, they appear to have no effect on the update behavior of Windows 10 build 9926. I am unaware of a new registry setting that works in the January build. If you do, please post a comment. (See end of text)

Disabling the Windows Update service ^

However, we have another option to turn off Automatic Updates altogether. All we need to do is stop the Windows Update service and make sure that it won’t start again. I recommend to first check if updates are currently downloaded; if so, wait until all updates are installed. Then, type “services” in the Windows 10 search box and click View Local Services.

Windows Update service

Windows Update service

Scroll down to Windows Update and double-click the service. Set the startup type to Disabled. If the service is already running, click Stop. After the service has stopped, click OK.

Disable the Windows Update service

Disable Windows Update service

If you now click Check for Updates in the Windows Update app, you should see a reassuring error message:

Error message -There were some problems installing updates

Error message: There were some problems installing updates

Yup, that is all we wanted: “some problems installing updates.”

If you want to later enable Automatic Updates again, you have to first set the startup type of the Windows Update service to Manual and then start the service.

If you plan to switch Automatic Updates on and off frequently, you can do so with this tiny PowerShell script, which you have to run with administrator privileges:

If you want to verify if the service is really disabled, you need the Get-WMIObject cmdlet:

Stop Windows Update service with PowerShell

Stop Windows Update service with PowerShell

Amazingly, the Get-Service cmdlet in PowerShell 5 still doesn’t support reading the startup type.

To enable Windows Update, you need these commands:

Start Windows Update service with PowerShell

Start Windows Update service with PowerShell

Please let me know if you know of another way to deactivate Automatic Updates in Windows 10.

Registry hack for bringing back Windows Update in Control Panel ^

Update: The registry setting that Keith mentioned in a comment works. Copy the text below to a REG file and then launch the file. This will bring back the old Windows Update applet in the Control Panel. You can then follow the procedure in my previous post to disable Windows Update.

Update: This article about the Preview version of Windows 10. In the final release things are different. Please read my new articles about the topic:

Stop automatic updates in Windows 10 RTM (build 10240)

Disable Windows 10 Update in the Registry and with PowerShell

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  1. avatar
    Keith 2 years ago

    You can also get the old Windows Update Control Panel applet back through a couple of registry tweaks. SAM-R posted the solution here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_update/need-the-old-windows-update-not-the-new-windows/35bc83a7-3aa9-4408-b189-4aa2777e4e11

  2. Profile gravatar of Michael Pietroforte
    Michael Pietroforte 2 years ago

    Keith, thanks a lot! That was exactly what I was looking for. I updated the article accordingly.

  3. avatar
    Sumon 2 years ago

    Thank you very much!

  4. avatar
    Ettercap 2 years ago

    For some reason Windows liked to try to install the "updated" windows 7 version of my graphics driver for my laptop that was incompatible so every time it automatically updated I had to reinstall the windows 8.1 version of the driver. You have no idea how thankful I am that someone figured out how to select what was being updated and to notify me to install so much credit to the author for figuring this out. Any idea how to get the security and maintenance flag back down in the notification area icons? I know it was replaced by the notifications but id still like it back down there. Greatly Appreciated!!

  5. avatar
    mohammad ali 2 years ago

    Hat's Off sir! I have been searching in the internet for the solution, fortunately I found a solution in your website and that works for me

  6. avatar
    Jack 2 years ago

    A great article on disabling Windows Update service. I discovered much to my dismay that this service will automatically turn back on after a certain length of time. To prevent this: Disable Windows Update service as described. Then click on the Recovery tab at the top of Windows Update Properties. Set all 3 failure options to: Take No Action.

  7. avatar
    Leandro 2 years ago

    Sorry gentlemans, in english:

    I recently received a message that the Windows system will reboot at random times after the 15th of this m

    How to avoid this?

  8. avatar
    Jack 2 years ago

    I have not seen that message yet. It sounds like microsoft is forcing us to update to a newer build.

  9. avatar
    Pravin 2 years ago

    Thanks for the multiple choice options. Its really irritating that about 1 GB of bandwidth is used every month without users knowledge and it keep updating without fixed time. The limited snail speed of my internet is eaten by the update and I was getting very slow browsing speed.
    Finally got the solution. Thanks.
    I will download the complete ISO of new build and dont download every update.

  10. avatar
    Diamant 2 years ago

    thank you very much 🙂

    I had the same issue like #Ettercap

    graphiccard Drivers wasn't compatible

    I was about to downgrade to w8

    thank you

  11. avatar
    gui 2 years ago

    any Lucky with the Windows update in control panel in recent builds?

  12. avatar
    Nikita 2 years ago

    Thank you You made life easier dealing with in numerous virtual machines

  13. avatar
    Wolfgang Pfeiffer 2 years ago

    Michael, Keith: Thanks a lot .... 🙂

    A few minutes ago I found an article on German bild.de, telling their readers they might not be able to switch off automatic updates on W10. From that moment on it was clear for me I'd probably never ever upgrade from 8.1 to 10, given the MS update history until just a few months ago ...

    So you can imagine how much you really saved my day ... 🙂

    Again: Thank you very much, to everyone involved to fix of the issue ...

  14. avatar
    Kein Bild 2 years ago

    That's the problem with reading Bild Zeitung!!!!!

  15. avatar
    danwat1234 2 years ago

    Does disabling the Windows Update service work for Windows 10 home edition? A lot of articles are saying that you can't disable the updates but doesn't mention this basic method. Maybe they are all newbs and haven't tried it?
    If that isn't available, we could just delete the WIndows Update executable?

  16. avatar
    Wolfgang Pfeiffer 2 years ago

    @Kein Bild:

    It isn't, obviously, the problem with bild.de. Because I owe bild.de at least the info about the problem, that in the end let me find the article here ..

    But meantime: even with the registry hack mentioned here W10 will be relatively sure a no-go for me - until MS clearly and explicitly explains that all users of W10 will have a system-provided choice of selecting or deselecting updates at their own discretion. Forcing the status of a lab rat onto software users won't fly with me ....

    And how can I be sure that with the next W10 update - no matter whether done automatically or manually by the user - the registry solution mentioned here will not be disabled?

  17. avatar
    Komado 2 years ago

    thanks man you helped me out alot

  18. avatar
    Chris 2 years ago

    I don't have enough palms to facepalm at Microsoft ...

  19. avatar
    Koen 2 years ago

    When I try to execute the reg-file I get a notification that either the key is being used by system processes or that I am not allowed to make such a change. Can anyone help me how to get around this? I am an enthousiastic user but I must admit I'm quite new to these things... Thanks!

  20. avatar
    Someone 2 years ago

    Registry hack does not work in RTM (Access denied).

  21. avatar
    Stan Rames 2 years ago

    While that works...if 10 has the "log in" option still working, I learned on XP and later the hated 8 series, to go there and disable the profile, Only way I ever found to stop them from forcing updates down your throat...and you may recall the day I figured this out, when Redmond decided WGA was "critical update" and wrote it to overwrite your settings.
    After 8, there is no way I would use a newer OS from them clowns.
    Playing with Ubuntu.

  22. avatar
    Noodle 2 years ago

    It appears the general release (at least the home edition...) has been guarded against registry hacks pretty heavily. It denies access when attempting to run the script, and gives a different error when attempting to manually change the values in regedit, even when running regedit as administrator. The values are there in regedit, but the system won't allow them to change.

  23. avatar
    Caleb 2 years ago

    Installed W10 Pro yesterday.
    Not sure if its just my "genius fiddling" for a long time or because they installed some updates returning the option for "Pros" today, but I have managed to turn the selection of "Notify before download and notify before reboot" on in Windows Update.. I have yet to see if it actually adheres to it or not (no new updates to be downloaded yet).

    Run gpedit.msc and change Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update -> Configure Automatic Updates to enabled, and select option 2 (Notify for download and notify for install).

    Your suggestion for the preview version (option 5 - allow admin to pick, which I would prefer) no longer works of course, but will instead make Windows Update switch to fully automatic.

    But option 2 seems to work as "Notify to download" is suddenly what my Settings screen is now showing as my option (greyed out so it can be changed ONLY through the policy editor or registry.).

    Notice, that the setting under Advanced Options only update after you click "check to updates" after making a policy change in gpedit. Before that, it looks like nothing changed.. Probably because it needs to run the Windows Update background service to update/recognize to the new policy.

  24. avatar
    Dinn 2 years ago

    I managed, in the general release, after some shenanigans with registry permissions and ownership, to successfully merge the registry edits. Despite this, I'm still not seeing the WU applet in the control panel. Does anyone know if there's any hope to this?

  25. avatar
    Someone413 2 years ago

    Dinn, could you tell us how exactly did you change the registry permissions?

  26. avatar
    Bobby 2 years ago

    Did someone try disabling the service after installing W10 Home edition?

  27. avatar
    rihsab 2 years ago

    i got encountered in an error.

    when im opening apps liike musiic from desktop, it shows me "REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL FAILED" , in my WINDOWS 10.

    How to recover?/?

  28. avatar
    KALEEM 2 years ago

    Excellent work...this is exactly which i want to do...thanks a lot sir

  29. avatar
    Joaquim 2 years ago

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. I am using Win10 Home 10240 RTM (upgraded from win8.1 core), and that method to disable windows updates works. I also have gpedit.msc (installed manually), but didn't use that method.
    Also unfortunately, i can't re-enable windows update on control panel. Seems that there is no way to bring it back.

  30. avatar
    Sam 2 years ago

    I have the same problem as Koen above, it says either the key is being used by system processes or that I am not allowed to make such a change. How do you get round this? I will be most grateful, thanks!

  31. avatar
    DullRazr 2 years ago

    Thanks for this. Looked all over the Microsoft sites and it appears that they do not want to give a straight answer to the question : How do I schedule Windows Update downloads? The timing of downloads is critical to people with metered connections
    So the question to you is: Can the commands you outline above be executed using task scheduler and are there other commands that would force a check for updates and initiate the download?

  32. avatar
    naweed 2 years ago

    thanks dude its work and I never thinking at this side 🙂

  33. avatar
    Hamed Iran 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  34. avatar
    Kodesh 2 years ago

    Thank you So much. Because I really struggled to figure out in the control panel. This helps not only in consuming Data, but money, in case someone has only 2GIG of Data and they have no cash, they will find that the Data is finished, they can fight with the service providers.

    So this is very great. Thank you so much that you figured this out.

  35. avatar
    B 2 years ago

    is there a registry key we can use to set "Notify for download and notify for install"
    as above i can edit the reg files after taking ownership but cant see windows update still. and cant set any settings

  36. avatar
    B 2 years ago

    any wonder people used pirated copies when they make it so hard to do anything through legal means

  37. Profile gravatar of Michael Pietroforte
    Michael Pietroforte 2 years ago

    Kodesh, you just have to set the network connection to "metered" to prevent Windows 10 from downloading updates.

  38. avatar
    tarun 2 years ago

    ty so mch

  39. avatar
    CKP 2 years ago

    Great to know this is possible. I haven't made the upordowngrade from 8.1 to 10 yet and wouldn't if I didn't know about the info on this page.

  40. avatar
    Akshansh 2 years ago

    Thanks man i love you!!!

  41. avatar
    WisdomGuidedByExperience 2 years ago

    After watching Windows since 1987, I'm convinced that there is an "A Team" and a "B Team" of Windows developers at Microsoft.

    The teams alternate developing new versions of Windows.

    Windows XP : A Team
    Windows Vista: B Team
    Windows 7: A Team
    Windows 8: B Team
    Windows 10 : A Team

    Notice the pattern?

    For the most part, the editions of Windows developed by the "A Team" have been generally well received.

    Similarly, for the most part, the editions of Windows developed by the "B Team" have been hated by the general public - most of the time for good reasons.

  42. Profile gravatar of Michael Pietroforte
    Michael Pietroforte 2 years ago

    You are right, there is an A team and a B team. But the team members are not developers; they are journalists. The editors in chief alternately let the A teams and the B teams write the reviews when a new Windows versions comes out. This way, they always have a new story. Makes sense? 😉

  43. avatar
    Thilak 2 years ago

    Thank you very much

  44. avatar
    Isabel 2 years ago

    Thank you!!! It's just what I was needing in a very clear way 😀 😀

  45. avatar
    ademola 2 years ago

    thank you, really helpful

  46. avatar
    armaan 2 years ago

    its work really thnxxxxx man.

  47. avatar
    Ali shams 2 years ago

    Thanks for your Fluent solution

  48. avatar
    romance 2 years ago

    In a third world country like us, its far too costly to consume internet facility in our regular life. So talking about windows update, it demands almost regular update to run windows in comfortable mode but it swallows most of usages of internet. Since I have first started using windows 10, I was worried, just think of that I will have to update windows10. If I don't it will update the programs automatically in background. Anyway finally I have found a solution n it worked. Thank you very much.

  49. avatar
    krene 2 years ago

    Thanks so much u have saved me a lot off darter and money

  50. avatar
    rameez 2 years ago

    I am getting a problem in window 10 my play store, outlook and skype is not responding.

  51. avatar
    Dj 2 years ago

    Thank you......like a million times!!!!!!!!!

  52. avatar
    Saif 2 years ago

    Well Nice Article..
    But i Found some thing which adds an option in the update settings "Never Check For Updates" as it was in previous Windows. By this Windows doesn't check for updates Automatically so it doesnt installs.

    You can check that here. http://www.mytechalbum.com/how-to-disable-automatic-updates-in-windows-10/

  53. avatar
    mln 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot

  54. avatar
    Paula 1 year ago

    The "metered" solution is no solution to those of us in rural communities who are barely scraping by with a satellite connection (i.e., Ethernet! NOT "WiFi" or mobile!!!!). Or to many others (some of whom commented above) who do NOT have WiFi/mobile as their primary (or even possible) Internet access.

    On my satellite connection, I get 10GB of data a month. Period. I work from home, and that is NOT a lot of data. There is a "free data" period every night from midnight to 5 am, and that is when I have generally downloaded any software that I need, including Windows updates. I have always regularly updated Windows, but I have my system set to let me choose when -- specifically because of the serious data caps I deal with. To have Microsoft now tell me that *IT* will choose when to chew up vast amounts of my limited data allowances because I can't even be allowed to specify that unstoppable automatic updates be done during an off-peak, non-metered period is offensive, insulting, and financially damaging to me.

    Are you listening, Microsoft? Do you understand that not everyone is on a WiFi connection? Do you GET that you don't HAVE to be on a WiFi connection to be effectively "metered"?!?!?!

    Please add Ethernet/LAN connections to those that users can mark as "metered." If you're going to take away our freedom and flexibility and treat us like 4-year-olds for your convenience, could you at least give us the laughably minimal control over WHEN in a 24-hour period you push a ton of unwanted data at us?

  55. avatar
    Mo'men 1 year ago

    Thanks 🙂 it worked

  56. avatar
    kevin 1 year ago

    Thx a lot. its really help me Since i have a limited quote on my modem. if this were not show Online, my monthly use of 5Gb will end up in just 1 day bcs of the Update. Thx a lot. Your The Best (y)

  57. avatar
    Elly D 1 year ago

    Thank you for this article. It was really helpful. I now disabled the updates as it was very annoying to let them run without my consent.

  58. avatar
    Rajesh Thakur 1 year ago

    Thanks for overcoming the compulsion imposed by Microsoft. Directions were helpful.

  59. avatar
    Atik khandoker 1 year ago

    Thank you So much. Really work well.

  60. avatar
    basit 1 year ago

    thankx  alot

  61. avatar
    Panah 1 year ago


    thanks a lot mate. you helped me out

  62. avatar
    Rene 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for this advise. I live in an area with intemittent internet, hence updates are interrupted and never completed. It messed up all my Microsoft Office 2016 licenses.

    Your little trick to turn automatic update off is a lifesaver.

    BIG thanks!


  63. avatar
    Alex Shong 7 months ago

    Not everyone needs Windows updates. Sometime updates do more harm than help. Windows 10 disallow disabling the updates. They take time and have some unexpected effects. However, Windows 10 allow the uninstalling of the updates. Why? Time means money and who can afford spending time in vain?


  64. avatar
    Len 6 months ago

    hi, any way to schedule the update downloads  to run only between certain times, over a Ethernet connection?

  65. avatar
    Jubilee G. 6 months ago

    Thank you for writing this BEAUTIFUL article! After having several lags with these automatic Windows 10 updates...then the blue screen of death shortly after it restarted itself after an update, I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I even had to re-install windows...

    ^_^ Thank you for helping me to stop these automatic updates. Sometimes they don't work and we should always have a choice of what updates we allow on our PC.

    Take care!

    ~Jubilee G.

  66. avatar
    Tomley 4 months ago

    Got to hand it to you. So far so good. Got the free Windows 10 (from Windows 7) in July. Worked fine for about a month. Then I had to refresh a website or page change 4-5 times before it would come up. Every time! Uninstalled every update that came after the original Windows 10 download except for one. No matter what it would not go away. It was a Windows "Anniversary Build". I forget the number. Rolled back to the original Windows 10 install and disabled Windows Updates. People at Microsoft community told me it wouldn't stay disabled for long so I pinned a shortcut to Local Services to task bar and check it every day. Almost 4 months now and everything still working fine and Windows Updates still disabled. Thank you.

  67. avatar
    John 3 months ago

    Thanks. I'm old and don't understand much about these things you call "computers" but your instructions were easy to follow.

  68. avatar
    Xen 3 months ago

    On the Latest Windows 10, I have the service disabled.


    It *still* installs updates.


    I have now blocked wuauclt.exe and svchost.exe. Hope it works.

  69. avatar
    Neil 1 month ago

    I found below video and tested, it worked like charm.



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