Some time ago, I listed eight ways to elevate a Vista application, i.e. to run it with administrator privileges. Now, I found the ninth way and I think it has one significant advantage over the others.

It lets you start a tool with Administrators rights with just a mouse click and best of all; you won't see this ugly UAC prompt. Unfortunately, this option is a bit longwinded to set up. Essentially, you have to add a task to the Task Scheduler and configure it to run "with highest privileges". Then you create a shortcut on your desktop referring to this task. has a detailed description. Hey, I wonder if there is a PowerShell geek out there who can show us how to do this faster with a nice command. 😉

By the way, if you believe in UAC's ability to improve security, you should only do this with applications that really need admin privileges to work properly. You can also use this trick to start a tool with Administrator rights only when it is necessary. For example, you could create two shortcuts on your desktop pointing to PowserShell, one that elevates PowerShell and the other only launches it with standard user rights.


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