Another year of blogging on 4sysops passed by. It was a good year. The number of page views doubled and so did the number of subscribers. So I say thank you to my loyal readers, especially to those who didn't agree with me often. 😉 If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might be interested to know which articles have been read most often.

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I added the page views behind the title of the article. The numbers are from Google Analytics. Note that they do not represent the absolute page views in 2007 since I started using Google Analytics only at the end of March.

  1. How to disable Vista's desktop search indexing (Windows Search) 49299
  2. Expanding a virtual VMware disk 42539
  3. Install Windows Server 2003 Adminpak (Administration Tools Pack) on Vista 34035
  4. Adminpak for Windows Vista 33013
  5. Vista x64 vs. Vista x86 - 32 bit or 64 bit Vista edition? 29714
  6. ioDrive: 640 GB flash card almost at the speed of DRAM - The end of hard drives? 27027
  7. Windows Vista 32-bit versus Vista 64-bit 21264
  8. Resize a Virtual Disk with VMware Converter 15763
  9. Vista compatibility update for the Adminpak 12174
  10. Three ways to reset a Windows Vista admin password 11378

I must admit that I was a bit surprised that the most read article was about Vista's desktop search indexing. It appears to be one of the new Vista features that were a flop.

However, the most popular topic was another one. Three articles about the Adminpak problem made it in the top ten. I still don't understand why Microsoft neglected this issue. Aren't the admins the ones who have to be persuaded first to move to a new operating system version?

Also interesting is the number of people that have had problems with expanding VMware disks. When I first came across this issue I couldn't believe that VMware didn't offer a simpler solution.

Not so surprising is that many were unsure if they should install Vista x86 or Vista x64. I suppose that the 64-bit edition will soon gain more popularity. At the moment 3GB are enough for most users. However, I think that in one year many power users will already thirst after more memory.

So what are the prospects for 2008? I guess the number one topic will be Windows Server 2008. I already posted a lot about it and I am sure there will be more to blog about it as soon as its final becomes available. By the way, my German speaking readers (I know there are many) might be interested in an article about Windows Server 2008 I am writing for the German magazine Computerwoche. I am constantly extending it since it is a wiki entry.

Another thing I will concentrate on in 2008 is finding new sponsors for 4sysops. You might have realized that I removed Adsense some weeks ago. It simply didn't perform well recently. Blogging is certainly fun, but it is even more fun if you can earn a little with it. So I also have to say thanks to my new sponsors Special Operations Software and NETIKUS.NET.

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Ok then, enough blogging for this year. Happy new year!


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