IDGTechnet_buttonUpdate the survey is over.

IDG (publisher of Computerworld, InfoWorld) is running a visitor survey that will help me  improve my blog. 4sysops belongs to the IDG TechNetwork, a network of independent technology publishers.

If you give me a minute of your precious time, you would have the chance to win a US$500 cash prize. Most of the questions are about the way you use or perceive 4sysops. This will help me to understand who you are and what you expect from my blog.

There are also some questions about the role you have in your organization. These questions are of interest tp my sponsors. Without my sponsors I wouldn't be able to invest that much time in 4sysops. With answering these questions, you would help me a great deal.

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Just in case you took part in the survey I ran a year ago, I would appreciate it very much if you also answer the questions this time. Perhaps you are the lucky winner of the $500 cash prize.


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