I wouldn't mention it, if I didn't read this article in the reputable Networkworld. There is a contest going on for the sysadmin of the year 2007. Last year, technical competence was the deciding factor to win this contest. This year, you are also supposed to "record your own vocal track and enhancements to the SysAdmin Rockstar song". Well, why song writing? Why not a cooking contest? Or what about the sysadmin with the hottest crochet needle?

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Of course, one can't take such contests seriously. It is obviously only a marketing gag. I suppose I wouldn't qualify as the sysadmin of the year since I probably lack the sense of humor which is another necessary qualification. (I dare you to nominate me. I am really a lousy singer.)

But it seems like it is not just a gag if you read the rules for taking part in this questionable contest:

By entering the Contest, you agree to allow a Splunk representative to contact you regarding potential sales, case studies and other business matters.

Splunk, a search technology company, is the main sponsor. So this is not just about receiving media coverage, but also a cheap way to rake in monetizable addresses.

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It is interesting to note that Jeff Bates, co-founder of Slashdot, is one of the judges. Just imagine Microsoft as a sponsor of this competition. Rest assured that a wicked lampoon would show up beside this cute pic representing Bill Gates as a Borg.


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